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The Acai Berry is found in the rain forests of South America and has been a fashionable fruit with the population of its native land for thousands of years. Pronounced "ah-sigh-ee" the fruit has become the subject of a health obsession in the U.S. with the introduction of various products and juices marketed towards athletes.

It is said to have double the antioxidants of blueberries, and ten times that of grapes, and the levels of anthocyanins are almost thirty times greater than what is in red wine.

The herb is green at a immature age. As it ages, it changes to a deep purple color and is close in size to a blueberry. It grows in clumps similar, and is harvested from the top of the tall and skinny palm. A normal tree will grow to twenty feet. 

Each berry contains only a small amount of the treasured pulp as the remaining seeds and husk make up almost 85% of the seed.

People native to the Amazon area where it grows have used the pulp in their foods and diets for hundreds of years. Recognizing its properties as helpful for various uses including nutritional and medicinal, it has been long understood by inhabitants to have value in improving the immune system, and has been called the "Amazon Rainforest Viagra" for its sex benefits and energy enhancing properties.

The juice and pulp are frequently used in juices, smoothies, and sports related beverages.

In addition to it being a powerful antioxidant, it is a scarce plant source that contains complete proteins along with naturally occurring Omega 6, 9, and other essential amino acids. 

It has been shown to enhance energy and promote overall health, and can promote a healthy immune system. It contains naturally occurring flavonoids and boosts stamina and energy.


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