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What are the health benefits of Emu oil?
Dr. G.R. Hobday (Australia) has done ten years of clinical experimentation with the following results:

1) Eczema - reduces irritation and inflammation of the skin.

2) Keloids - reduces recent scarring and have anti-inflammatory action against the formation of keloid tissues.

3) Burns - promotes faster healing with less pain and scarring.

4) Joints - reduces pain, swelling and stiffness where joint is close to the skin surface.

5) Bruising and Muscle pain - provides significant benefit to recent bruising and muscle pain where injury is relatively superficial. Massaged, post-exercise muscle strains are reduced due to anti- inflammatory action.

6) Wounds - applied to epithelialised wounds appears to reduce scar tissue formation and anti-inflammatory action soothes a wound after surgery.

7) Insect bites - the sting and itching is greatly reduced due to the anti-inflammatory properties.

Dr. A. Zemtsov ( Assistant Professor in Dept. of Dermatology and Biochemistry at Texas Tech University's Health Science Center.) discovered the emu oil to be highly penetrating, a good emulsifier, bacteriostatic (does not promote growth of bacteria), hypoallergenic ( has a low irritating potential),and is non-comedogenic ( non-pore- clogging).

Currently many cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies are researching liposomes, which are highly penetrating and can go through the skin barrier carrying any medication with it. Emu oil is a natural occurring substance with these qualities. One gallon of Emu oil may cost $400 but compare that to one ounce of liposome costing $2000!

Anecdotal Results

Many individuals have reported beneficial results that have not yet been the topic of organized scientific research. Among them are:

1. Shingles - rapid relief from symptoms, including disappearance of rash.

2. Psoriasis - reduces irritation and inflammation of the skin.

3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - relieves swelling, inflammation and pain.

4. Baldness - Numerous male users have reported renewed hair growth.

5. Nervous Skin Disorders - reduces irritation and inflammation of the skin.

6. Diaper Rash - reduces irritation and inflammation of the skin.

7. Circulation Problems - improves circulation in extremities.


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