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A bit of information about our oils:

Essential oils are the potent extracts of plant leaves, flowers, seeds, barks, roots and rinds of some fruits. One ounce contains approximately 360 drops of pure oil. This high concentration requires that you use only 2 or 3 drops in cooking, flavoring, liniments and ointments, and imparting aroma to potpourri, sachets and herb pillows.

Also, by adding 6 to 7 drops of an essential oil to your bath, you may enjoy different mood experiences.

Undiluted essential oils, especially Bergamot, orange, and lemon may burn or leave brown marks if your skin is exposed to sunlight after applying. Always store essential oils in glass away from sunlight, heat and humidity.


As you inhale the fragrances, your brain reacts to the scent, releasing hormones that can affect everything from appetite and body temperature to metabolism and sex drive.


Uses for Essential Oils

Soothe and Relax the Mind

Chamomile - Juniper Berries - Lavender - Peppermint

Revive and Uplift the Spirits

Chamomile - Sandalwood - Rose Petals

Set the Romantic Mood

Eucalyptus - Juniper Berries - Sandalwood - Basil - Rosemary - Cedarwood - Cinnamon



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