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Apple Cider Vinegar!

Apple Cider Vinegar!

A Natural way to help your body!

Since the dawn of time Apple Cider Vinegar has been helping people to a healthier life.

Research has discovered that pectin, one of the main ingredients in Apple Cider Vinegar, is an amazing nutrient which can actually help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Not only does pectin help keep cholesterol in check, but it can help in weight management by helping to lower the amount of fat your body absorbs!

Just look at what you get besides Apple Cider in one easy to take tablet:

* 50 mg. Cayenne - Here's the herb that offers fantastic cardiovascular support as a source of protector vitamins and minerals.

* 50 mg. Ginger - This herb has a wealth of phytonutrients to support the total cardiovascular system; It contains enzymes which support joint health by helping fight harmful prostaglandins.

* 50 mg. Bromelain - Contains a very effective enzyme which researchers believe helps support healthy joints by reducing the harmful buildup of hormone like substances that attack joints.

* 50 mg. Citrin - Helps your weight control program by enhancing calorie burning, and at the same time help controls food intake. Citrin helps breakdown fat in cells while helping maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

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Apple Cider Vinegar Plus (300 mg.) 200 Count - $19.95

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Apple Cider Vinegar Plus (300 mg.) 400 Count - $37.95

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