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Alfalfa seeds contain stachydrine and homostachydrine, which promote menstruation and in some cases can lead to miscarriage.

Alfalfa seeds can have an effect on cholesterol levels.

Alfalfa  contains saponins. Results indicate that some dietary saponins may reduce iron absorption and hence have an adverse effect on iron status in man and simple-stomached animals.

Since alfalfa contains vitamin K, it may be wise to avoid taking it if you have heart or blood disorders or are taking a medication such as Warfarin.

May cause stomach upset and diarrhea. Discontinue its use and inform your physician if the diarrhea and upset stomach does not go away.

Avoid eating alfalfa seeds, because they contain relatively high levels of the toxic amino acid canavanine. Ingesting large quantities of alfalfa seeds over a long period of time may lead to pancytopenia, a blood disorder that causes the deterioration of both platelets, responsible for blood clotting, and white blood cells, which fight infections.

Alfalfa contains saponins, chemicals thought to destroy red blood cells. Anyone suffering from anemia should use alfalfa only under the direction of an herbalist or a licensed healthcare professional.

Alfalfa has been known to aggravate lupus and other autoimmune disorders. The canavanine in alfalfa is believed to reactivate this disease in some people who are in remission. If you have an autoimmune problem, avoid this herb.



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