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CIG-NO creates an aversion to Tobacco. Its Non-Nicotine Homeopathic Formula is a regisitered homeopathic remedy. CIG-NO's pure formula is scientifically blended for its ability to harnes the body's natural defense mechanism. While nothing is more important than the smoker's commitment to break the habit, CIG-NO helps the body detoxify itself - effectively, gently, and naturally.

100% Natural

Two types of CIG-NO:

CIG-NO Spray

CIG-NO Capsules

FDA & CHA Registered



An Introduction - What is Plantago Major?
The Plantago Major herb has a long history of medicinal use dating back to ancient times. The Materia Medicas (Boericke-USA, Clarke-England, Juanny-France) all note that Plantago Major can cause an aversion to tobacco. Other noted uses of the herb include: asthma, emphysema, blood sugar control, and as a diuretic. The chemical assay of Plantgo Major reveals the glycoside Aucubin. Acubin has been reported in the Journal Of Toxicology as a powerful anti-toxin.
Clinical Trials
A clinical "Open" Trial was conducted by Dr. Constance J. DiFiglia, M.D. at Essax Testing Clinic, Inc., 799 Bloomfield Ace, Verona, NJ 07044. Over 80% of the subjects recorded some aversion to smoking within 8 hours (p. 3, Clinical Trial Final Report)
The effects of CIG-NO spray are immediate (5 seconds) as administration allows for rapid absorption into the bloodstream. Absorption of CIG-NO capsules is limited to the time required for the gastro-intestinal track to break down and absorb the herb. This is estimated to be approximately 20 minutes.
Forms of CIG-NO
CIG-NO Spray: A conveniently sized, non-aerosol spray consisting of a 1x homeopathic preparation of Plantago Major. Dispenses in pre-metered doses. 18-22% alcohol. One ounce size.
CIG-NO Capsules: A plastic amber bottle containing 500 milligram capsules of whole dried Plantago Major herb. 100 Capsules per bottle.

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