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Real Name: Mary Cathleen Collins
Birthday: 20 November 1956
Place of Birth: Long Beach, California, USA
Spouse: John Derek


Bo Derek Biography And Filmography:

A beautiful blond actress, Bo Derek became famous by that beautiful scene seen around the world – running in slow motion on the beach in a flesh-colored bikini, with her hair blowing behind her in Blake Edwards’ film, “10” (1979). More a sexy celebrity than an actress, she captured the hearts and minds of the viewing public – particularly young men – for years, but was also ridiculed for her and her husband, John famous, X-rated films in the early 1980s.

Born November 20, 1956, in Long Beach, California to Paul and Norma Collins, Bo was the oldest of four children, followed by a brother and two sisters. Her real name is Mary Cathleen Collins, but she was simply known as Cathy. While still a teen, friends tried to convince her to be a model – being blonde, blue-eyed with an unforgettable body, she fit the mold. Modeling didn’t interest the young star at first, until she realized how much money could be made. Derek began modeling professionally at age sixteen before making the transition into commercials. 

Unfortunately, Derek turned down the role that made Jessica Lange an overnight star in the 1976 remake of “King Kong.” Instead, her first role was in “Orca: The Killer Whale” (1977), and while the movie was not a box office hit, Bo made a good first impression on director John Derek, who noticed her in the project. Even though he was 30 years older then her, John left his wife, Linda Evans, and married the young star. The couple were happily married until John’s death in 1998.

After “Orca,” Derek co-starred in “10,” working with a foul-mouthed Julie Andrews for Dudley Moore's sidekick. Her appearance in the popular sex film shot her to instant stardom and pushed her past Suzanne Somers and Farrah Fawcett to be named the hot sex symbol of the day. Besides from her posters hanging on many a young boys bedroom wall, women were equally impressed with her talents in the film. 

Derek made her first appearance in Playboy Magazine in the March, 1980 issue – her husband acting as photographer for the photo shoot. The centerfold spread and cover featured all nude shots of Bo sailing, swimming and playing with her pets. Needless to say, it was a popular issue. Fans rushed to the stands to catch a glimpse of the nude Derek in what became one of the largest selling issues for Playboy.

Her next film, directed by her husband, “Tarzan, the Ape Man” (1981) was a flop. Not only did critics hate the film and its director, the producers of the film were sued by the Edgar Rice Burroughs Estate over the name of the film – mainly because the director focused more on how many ways to undress his Jane, than on Tarzan himself.

Bo's next controversial film, a love story which showed her attractive body, “Bolero” (1984) received such a bad reaction from the tabloid media that it halted any chance of a genuine movie career for Bo Derek. Critics and viewers watched skeptically at the scenes of the actual nude intercourse and sex scenes to spot a body double for Derek and found none. It was rumored that the final scene was real. Instead of letting the film be released as X-rated, John chose to release the film as un-rated instead – an unheard move at the time.

After such a public thrashing, the couple withdrew to their ranch where the washed up actress spent her time riding her horses. Derek did not appear in a film again until her husband’s production of “Ghost Can’t Dot It” (1990) six years later. Even though many did not believe that she could act, the actress easily transitioned to television, guest-appearing on numerous television shows including “Family Law” (1999), “Queen of Swords” (2000) and “Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place” (1998). 

Bo also made a return to the big screen appearing in two comedy films. First, playing the evil stepmother to funny man Chris Farley in the hit comedy, “Tommy Boy” (1995), about an incompetent, immature, and mindless heir to an auto parts factory who must save the business to keep it out of the hands of his new, con-artist relatives and big business. Derek then played opposite Jamie Kennedy and Taye Diggs as Bess Gluckman in “Malibu’s Most Wanted” (2003), which some thought was her comeback role.

Following her husband’s death from cardiovascular disease at age 72, Bo spent her time riding her horses, contributing to the Republican party, and publishing her autobiography – "Riding Lessons, Everything I Learned in Life I Learned from Horses" in 2002. Finally able to put her first love to rest, Derek met actor John Corbett, best known for his role as Aidan Shaw on “Sex in the City" (1998-2004). The two began dating and moved in together at the ranch. She continued to appear on television, as Mrs. Kinkirk on the family show, “7th Heaven” (1996- ) with Jessica Biel and David Gallagher.

Bo Derek also has appeared in over forty episodes of the television dramatic series "Fashion House" (2006-), set in the world of the cutthroat fashion industry where a ruthless mogul defends her company against a hostile takeover.

Bo Derek then took a five year vacation from the spotlight but returned in 2011 for the TV movie “The Hunt for the I-5 Killer” (2011) and also had a guest appearance on “CSI Miami” in 2012.

She was also cast in the role of Destiny in the comedy “Highland Park” (2012) about a high school faculty lotto pool who places their fate in the lucky numbers they've played for ten years after hearing budget cuts have eliminated all their jobs.

Is this the beginning of a comeback for Bo Derek?


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