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Real Name: Britney Jean Spears
Birthday: December 2, 1981
Birth Place: Kentwood, LA
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5'5"
Favorite Artists: Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston


Britney Spears Biography:

A pop music star who built a fan base with trendy songs, great dance moves and a huge sexual draw, Britney Spears went from a small town Louisiana girl to a super star, starting with the release of her first song in 1998 and running well into the 2000's. Beginning in 2004, after a much ridiculed marriage to dead beat Kevin Federline, the birth of two children, and an apparently self enforced exile from the music world kept her name in the headlines.

Born December 2, 1981 in the town of Kentwood to parents Jamie and Lynne, Britney started training for her future celebrity status at a young age. A good dancer and singer, she had the willpower and stamina to get to the top, starting her career in the "The Mickey Mouse Club" (1989-1994). Producers turned her away because of her age when she first tried out in 1990. Aware of her talent, Britney hired an agent and moved with her mother and sister to New York City the following year. Spears starred in the off-Broadway production, "Ruthless," a comedy based on "The Bad Seed." Portraying the evil child was a good role for the eleven-year-old actress, who then appeared on the talent competition, "Star Search" in 1992. 

The following year, Britney was hired into the ensemble cast of the "Mickey Mouse Club," becoming a member of a cast that included future television star Keri Russell as well as Justin Timberlake, J.C. Chasez of *NSYNC and Christina Aguilera. Unfortunately, the show was canceled in the middle of her second season.

When "The Mickey Mouse Club" ended in 1994, Britney Spears returned to Louisiana and attended school in McComb, Mississippi, but missed Hollywood. In 1997, she signed with Jive Records, starting a partnership that would make her a household name. In 1998, she toured the malls of America as a young teen pop star getting her bubbly, sexy image into the minds of the people while, at the same time, getting her promotional tape into their VCRs. Her debut single "Baby One More Time" was a smash hit in 1998, thanks, in part, to the young schoolgirl uniform wearing music video that came with the song. While the young music sensation sang "My loneliness is killing me," audiences of all ages were impressed with her pleading of "Hit me baby, one more time." Her debut album went multi-platinum while her single stayed at the top of the charts.

Britney infamous Rolling Stone cover where she wore only a bra and hot pants, surrounded by stuffed animals while talking on the phone, had parents in a rage when the clearly sexual pictures hit news stands. For now, the performer and her management began a  policy of sending mixed messages, declaring the star's oath to church-going values and remaining a virgin until she married.

Appearances on  numerous television specials and awards shows and a guest role on the ABC sitcom "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" helped keep Spears in the minds and hearts of the public in between record releases. When her follow-up effort, "Oops! I Did It Again" was released in 2000, her audience welcomed it. When she appeared at that year’s “MTV Video Music Awards,” tearing off a man's tuxedo to reveal a flesh colored body suit, her sexy image was cemented. She then became involved with hot sensation and boyfriend  Justin Timberlake – the lead singer of the popular boy band *NSYNC. 

After a second erotic and sex filled performance on the 2001 “MTV Music Video Awards,” where she danced in a red hot outfit to her new song "I'm a Slave for U" while an albino python snake around her neck, viewers of both sexes were blown away by her shameless “barely legal” routine. The hysteria continued with her performance in the HBO live concert, "Britney Spears: Live in Las Vegas" (2001) – a show that highlighted her adult appeal as much as it did her bad habit of badly lip-syncing. 

Spears next tried her skills at publishing, writing the autobiographical themed "Britney Spears' Heart to Heart" (2000) and the novel "A Mother's Gift" (2001) – the second of which was turned into the ABC Family Channel movie, "Brave New Girl" (2004), which she and her mother co-executive produced.

Britney Spears then appeared in "Crossroads" (2002), directed by Tamra Davis, the film focused on three childhood friends on a road trip of self-discovery. Neither the film or her performance were close to any type of Oscar material. A bad mark on an otherwise good year was her very public break-up with Timberlake, among rumors of unfaithfulness on her part. Justin publicly confirmed he and the singer had put an end to her virginity as well as outing her as the cheater in his hit song and video, “Cry Me a River”. With all the professional and personal problems, Britney found time for a small guest appearance in the smash comedy hit, "Austin Powers: Goldmember" with Beyonce, Mike Myers, Seth Green, Tom Cruise, Gwyneth Paltrow and John Travolta.

By 2003, the media saturation and her fellow young teeny-bopper idols (including Aguilera, Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC) started the beginnings of the criticism, with the singer making news more for her personal problems than professional endeavors. Spears made headlines again during an appearance on the 2003 “MTV Music Video Awards,” when she opened the show in a musical routine opposite her idol Madonna and her rival Aguilera, in which she shared a deep French kiss with the Madonna. That was followed by the release of her fourth album, "In the Zone", in which the singer again pushed provoking boundaries of young sexuality in an attempt to show herself as a mature artist and to capitalize on her charms. 

Things got out of control in January of 2004, when Britney shocked fans with a surprise marriage to her childhood friend Jason Alexander in an booze fueled New Year's Eve wedding in Las Vegas – something she called "a joke that had gone too far." The marriage was annulled within 60 hours, but that did not stop her shocking second rush to the altar later that same year – this time to dancer, Kevin Federline. This marriage was not without debate either, as at the beginning of their romance, Federline was involved in a relationship with actress Shar Jackson – who had already had one child with the dancer. Their engagement was announced in June, with plans for a fall 2004 wedding. 

As a married woman in September of 2004, Spears again found herself the topic of the tabloids magazines. Much of it she brought on herself, as she was regularly photographed leaving gas station bathrooms barefoot and eating junk food while cruising around town in various luxury cars. Spears often looked disorderly and confused coming in and out of every fast food restaurant in the Los Angeles area. And she seemed not to care what people thought of her or her new husband. This was apparent when she and Kevin sold home movies taken during their relationship to UPN, which started the May, 2005 premiere of their reality show, "Britney & Kevin: Chaotic" The show made the pair an even bigger laughing stock than before, with the constant baby-talk, uncomfortable close-ups and awkward fondling of one another. But she seemed happy – and gave birth to her first child, Sean Preston in September, 2005.

Not long after Sean Preston’s birth, Britney learned that the media had targeted her mothering skills. In a scandalous incident, starting in early 2006, she was seen driving with Sean on her lap; with her young son in the wrong car seat, facing the wrong way in a convertible – and finally – falling down on a New York City street, almost dropping her child, while trying to hold onto a glass of water. The public backlash of the singer as a bad mom was at an all time high  – enough that by the third incident some celebrity mothers and parental organizations vouched for her, after a video shot through a restaurant window hit the internet, showing her hugging the baby and crying after the tripping episode.

By the fall, the public ridicule seemed to change and redirect toward Federline – most notably after he was seen in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, partying with friends, while his wife, now pregnant with their second son was at home. When a untidy Spears tried to do damage control by appearing with Matt Lauer on a now famous “Dateline NBC” interview, fans began counting down the days until she come to her senses and divorced the man.. The week that Kevin released his first album, "Playing with Fire" the public got its wish. On November 7, she filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences” and asking for physical and legal custody of Sean and two-month-old Jayden, but for Kevin to get visitation rights. 

After her divorce announcement, Spears made news of a different kind. Free from her bad marriage, the singer began a apparently non-stop series of late nights on the town,  first, with party girl and friend, Paris Hilton, then by herself. When she was seen on four different occasions getting out of cars without underwear, she became the queen of celebrity blogs and late night comics. Her parenting skills again were called into question as everybody wondered who was at home, taking care of the young boys while she hit the club scene. Britney's partying continued into the next year, along with rumors of lesbian and gay behavior mentioned by her boyfriend, model Isaac Cohen, who told the press of her gay sexual fantasies. During the months of late night partying, she changed her hair color continuously – and after a one day stay in rehab  – shaved it off altogether, leaving fans in shock at her bizarre new appearance.

The weekend after a photo of the bald singer hit the internet, the troubled star checked herself into rehab for another one-day visit, only to leave within hours. Days later she once again entered Promises Malibu, her mother Lynne driving her back again. Things went from bad to worse once she was released, thinking her family and manager had turned against her by forcing her to seek help that she did not believe she needed, she began separating herself – even her from her mother, whom she thought was taking sides with her ex-husband in his attempt for custody of the children. 

In a summer of one train wreck after another, Spears started appearing in the press wearing a variety of strange hats with bizarre wigs attached, attacking a photographer with an umbrella, swimming in the ocean in only her underwear, making out with a young boy while skinny-dipping in a hotel pool, and attending dance clubs until all hours of the morning.

When Britney was announced as the opening act of the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, public interest was high. Performing her first song off her first studio album in some time, "Gimme More," she bombed so enormously – that even she appeared to realize it, giving up mid-song. Her lip-syncing was off, her dance moves were bad and she just walked through much of her dance routine. It did not help that she was fitted into a sequined bikini that was not suitable for her figure. Critics wasted no time condemning the singer, who left the stage in tears, for not only her routine, but for partying in Vegas non-stop in the days leading up to the performance.

If her fans thought that things could not get worse for the former pop icon, they were wrong. Only weeks after the VMA misfortune, a judge ordered Spears to surrender custody of her two children to her ex-husband, ruling that he would take custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James. After missing her first scheduled visit, it was announced that the judge was suspending her visitation rights only three weeks after the ruling. The reason given: she had failed to fulfill the judges orders.

Things were fairly quite during the rest of 2007. But Britney was back in the news in January 2008, when, following a scheduled visit, she refused to turn over Sean Preston and Jayden James to Federline’s bodyguard. The bodyguard arrived at her mansion to pick up the children, but Spears refused to return them; a violation of her visitation rights. Police arrived on the scene after receiving a call.  Soon, news helicopters, paparazzi and an ambulance were on the scene. Britney locked herself in a bathroom with Jayden and refused to come out. Eventually, the fire department and a mental evaluator arrived, and her two children were finally taken away and delivered to their father. Britney was held by police, who said she was “under the influence of an unknown substance,” before being admitted to the hospital, where she remained for 72 hours under a 5150 hold – an involuntary confinement ordered when a person has been deemed a danger to themselves or others as the result of a mental disorder.

After making news in January for failing to report to a child custody hearing, Britney Spears was seen again leaving her home in an ambulance during the late hours of the night on Jan. 31, 2008. Spears had not slept for days, prompting her psychologist – who felt her condition had deteriorated – to call the cops and have her taken to the hospital on a “mental evaluation hold.” She was again placed on a 5150, with the chance of an additional hold a possibility. Her parents petitioned the court to take over her health and finances in a conservatership, as well as start the restraining order process to keep her manager, Sam Lufti, away from her. Her mother Jamie and a lawyer were granted conservatership and Lufti was seen by the courts as a threat to the troubled pop star.

In 2009, Britney emerged once again for a world tour that proved she was healed - at lease for now. Critics seemed to love the new and improved singer, and the conservatership was removed. 


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