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Real Name: Cindy Margolis - Official Website
Birthday: October 1, 1965
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California


Cindy Margolis Biography:

Cindy Margolis has appeared on numerous magazine covers, worked on television, and has the distinction of being the most downloaded sexy female ever, gaining her the title Queen of the Internet. While many were searching for nude pictures of the model, the reality was there were none to be found except for crude knock-offs and photo shop creations. But the buzz around the celebrity had started.

Born in Los Angeles, California on October 1, 1965, Cindy found her way into the world of modeling while attending California State University. When her business professor gave an assignment to the class about the creation of greeting cards, she was moved to develop, market and sell a line of greeting cards featuring a picture of herself. When talent agents started asking where to find the sexy blonde female on the card, her celebrity and modeling career was born.

During the years, Margolis has modeled in advertising for famous brand names like Reebok, Vidal Sassoon, and Hanes. Late night television viewers know her best for her middle of the night appearances in an assortment of infomercials, such as those for the products of Tony Robbins and Don Lapre.

Cindy Margolis is not only an advertising model, and has worked on several television series. In 1995, she worked for a short time on the long running game show "The Price Is Right", hosted by Bob Barker. Her role as a Barker beauty host did not last long, but five years later she got her own late night Saturday television talk show. "The Cindy Margolis Show", created and produced in Miami Beach Florida, was also unsuccessful, lasting only two seasons before being cancelled. While the Internet was still an emerging technology, she once again used her business knowledge to promote and market her beauty.

After developing her own website, Margolis was named Queen of the Internet by Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine from 1996 to 1999, and was added into the Guinness Book of World Records in 2000 for being the most downloaded person of 1999. That record has since been broken by Miley Cyrus.

At thirty-five, when most models are leaving the business, Margolis was at her peak of popularity. In a period of only twenty-four hours, her pictures were downloaded 1 million times. 

In November of 2005, Margolis was hired for the "World Poker Tour" as the new host for Chipleaders. The following year, she was hired to work with "Tropical Poker" production, and represented them in press interviews and marketing promotions during the 2007 "World Series of Poker" season.

Cindy Margolis has appeared in the films "Dead Above Ground" about students and teachers who begin dying the same way as a video depicts., "Chairman of the Board", and "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery", with the funny man Mike Myers, and she has also made a cameo appearance as herself on "Ally McBeal", starring Calista Flockhart. 

The model turned actress has been an encouragement to women everywhere by showing the world that forty is sexy. Margolis is married to restaurant guru Guy Starkman, and in 2002, the couple had their first child Nicolas Isaac, and in 2005, a surrogate mother gave birth to twin girls Sabrina and Sierra.

In 2013, Margolis returned to the big screen in the action movie “The Gold Rush Boogie” (2013) in the story about what happens to man who has been on top of the world with sex drugs and rock n roll then his life changes for the worse within a matter of a few days.


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