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Real Name: Faith Brown
Birthday: May 28, 1944
Birth Place: Liverpool, England
Eyes: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 5'5"


Faith Brown Biography:

Faith Brown was born Irene Carroll on 28 May 1944, in Liverpool and is an English actress, comedian, and impressionist, famous for her flexibility and sexy figure - particularly her breast size. One of her most famous impersonations is that of Margaret Thatcher. She regularly impersonates Pam Ayres, Lena Lovich, Madonna, Bette Midler and Marilyn Monroe amoung others.

Faith Brown started her career as a singer at the age of 16, backed by a local singing and music group, then became a full time singer at the Rialto Ballroom, Upper Parliament Street.

Faith then joined her three brothers in the Carrolls, a group who made several records during the 1960's.

Her television career started with appearances on "Who Do You Do" (1975-6) - a stage for a generation of young and aspiring impressionists and comics - and Ken Dodd's, "World of Laughter" (1976).

Brown has also appeared as Anne Bradley in the television series "Brookside", and as Flast in the "Doctor Who" episode, "Attack of the Cybermen".

In 2001,
Faith Brown starred as washed up screen actress Norma Desmond in the United Kingdom touring production of the Andrew Lloyd-Webber musical "Sunset Boulevard", releasing a CD single of songs from the show.


In November 2006, Faith appeared as a contestant in "I'm A Celebrity  the Get Me Out Of Here" 6th series and became the third celebrity to be voted off the show on 25 November, having spent fourteen days in the jungle.

In 2007,
Faith Brown performed a One Woman Show at various venues in the United Kingdom, including at the Edinburgh Festival. On August 10th, she collapsed on stage, being replaced by her understudy for the following performances, leading to fears about her health.

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