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Real Name: Heather Dean Locklear
Birthday: September 25, 1961
Place of Birth: Canoga Park, California

Heather Locklear Biography And Filmography:

Blonde, with perfect California girl cuteness and an beautiful air of self-confidence, actress Heather Locklear made an permanent mark on television, with her remarkable roles in the Aaron Spelling dramas "Dynasty" (ABC) and "Melrose Place" (Fox) among the most prominent roles in a creative decades-spanning career. Frisky, but with a suggestion of firmness, Heather Locklear hit the big time soon after she left her freshman studies at UCLA to seek an acting career. Before long, the sexy actress had received guest appearances on such series as "CHiPs" (NBC) and "Eight Is Enough" (ABC) and supporting roles in the everyday television movies "Twirl" (NBC) and "Return of the Beverly Hillbillies" (CBS). 

In late 1981, Locklear joined the cast of the primetime soap "Dynasty", playing Sammy Jo Dean, the outwardly guiltless niece of Krystle Carrington, in town for a brief visit. The visit turned into eight seasons on the show, and Sammy Jo proved a women to reckon with, allowing Locklear to treat audiences to some of the more pleasurable scenes of two-faced opportunism in primetime television.

While playing this deceiving manipulator on ABC's "Dynasty", Locklear showed her flexibility and cemented her place as a genuine television fixture with a parallel role on the network's police drama "T.J. Hooker" (1982-1985). The actress co-starred alongside William Shatner, and provided a fresh-faced zeal and girl-next-door sex appeal to the role of Officer Stacy Sheridan for five seasons. 

These two ABC roles offered Locklear unmatched visibility while showcasing her flexibility, and television audiences developed an affection for and familiarity with the actress that would make her continually marketable, helping to cut down on the long-term career slow-downs that can follow series work. By all accounts and appearances the model nice girl, Locklear married bad boy rocker Tommy Lee in 1985, a move that embodied the morals of that decade's excess and cast just enough mystery on the actress to make her all the more interesting and fascinating to an audience.

Following the end of "Dynasty", Heather found herself in the exclusive and not altogether pleasing position of being a legendary veteran of television, while still considered a young ingénue. Followed by the legacy of "Dynasty" and its melodramatic status, the actress managed to land a few television roles, including "Rock 'n' Roll Mom" (1988) and "Rich Men, Single Women" (1990), as well as a starring role in the short-lived sitcom "Going Places" (1990-1991), all on ABC. Still, her most memorable role from this period was her return of Sammy Jo in the long-awaited two-part "Dynasty: The Reunion" (1991). 

Work in typical television movies followed, before Heather staged a most triumphant comeback, joining the cast of Fox's "Melrose Place" from 1993 to 1999. Her character Amanda Woodward was a little older and considerably wiser than the assembled group of twenty-something's working on the series, and gave some much needed life in to the flailing program. The quick-tongued and relentless Amanda didn't shy away from devastation, and with sexy skirts as short as her temper, managed to seduce nearly every man on the show, while entertaining a loyal audience. 

Locklear's manipulative and stubborn antics as Amanda polished up up the series, while her work on the program reestablished her status and energized her career. In 1995, she starred in the ABC miniseries "Texas Justice" and was cast in the challenging role of a woman suffering with multiple personality disorder in the following year's "Shattered Mind" (NBC). By now she had not only traded in her hard partying Motley Crüe drummer husband (they divorced in 1992) for the more stable Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi guitarist and former Cher flame), but she had also begun to appear in interviews and personal appearances as an smart and authentic person with an evolved self-mocking sense of humor.

While Heather was always an admired actress, public opinion and critical acclaim had never reached the heights it scaled in the late 90s, and when "Melrose Place" bid goodbye at season's end in 1999, it wasn't long before Locklear was cast in the cast of the New York-set political sitcom "Spin City" (ABC), playing Caitlin Moore, the driven campaign manager leading the mayor's bid for the US Senate. Again part of a peculiar ensemble, but this time working in comedy, the actress made the most of her talents and quickly placed herself into viewers' good graces.

While her work on television has certainly been creative and has embraced both the uplifting and the absurd, Locklear has had less luck on the big screen, following up a brief supporting role in 1984's "Firestarter" starring Drew Barrymore, with a most ill-fated lead acting debut in the sci-fi clunker "Return of the Swamp Thing" (1989). Not surprisingly, feature roles were few and far between for the actress following that catastrophe, and her next film attempt, the thriller "Illusions" paired her with former "Dynasty" co-star Emma Samms and bypassed theaters in 1992 for direct-to-video release. The following yearHeather had a brilliant turn with a cameo playing herself in the comedy sequel "Wayne's World 2" with Mike Myers. A supporting role in "The First Wives Club" (1996) with Sarah Jessica Parker ended up a quiet uncredited cameo after editing. Locklear did slightly better with the adventure comedy "Money Talks" (1997).

In 1999, Locklear joined the cast of "Spin City", portraying Communications Director Caitlin Moore. When Michael J. Fox retired from the sitcom, Locklear continued her wise-cracking innuendos but focusing them on Fox's replacement Charlie Sheen. In 2002, Heather decided to end her run with the sitcom that earned her two Golden Globe Nominations, Before making her way back to the movie screen, she guest starred in three episodes of the NBC hit comedy "Scrubs" as a good-looking drug sales rep who raises Dr. Cox's temperature, after which it was off to New York where she co-starred in the feature film comedy "Uptown Girls" (2003), directed by Boaz Yakin, in which she played gifted Dakota Fanning's upwardly mobile but careless mother; Locklear played the sexy casino entertainer Dusty Tails in the live-action animated hybrid "Looney Tunes: Back In Action" (2003) before returning to television on the one-hour drama "LAX" (NBC, 2004-2005) as runway chief Harley Random.

After “LAX” aired its last episode in April 2005, Locklear was next seen in the Hilary Duff romantic comedy vehicle, “The Perfect Man” (2005), playing her hapless mom who moves the family to a different city after breaking up with her latest boyfriend while on the search for the perfect guy. Hilary Duff tries to play matchmaker by creating an make-believe secret admirer, but the ploy, of course, becomes increasingly difficult to hide. Heather then had guest appearances on ""Two and a Half Men", "Boston Legal", "Rules of Engagement" and "Hannah Montana" with Miley Cyrus. 

Heather returned to the big screen with the comedy "Flirting With 40" (2008) about a divorced mother approaching her 40th birthday who falls for a younger man while on vacation. The actress wrapped the year with the dramatic family music-themed movie "Flying By" (2009) about a real estate developer who decides to rejoin his high school rock band after 25 years, putting his marriage and business at risk.

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