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Real Name: Jennifer Connelly
Birthday: December 18, 1980
Birth Place: Staten Island, New York


This bright beauty and past child model made her film introduction at the tender age of twelve, seen in flashbacks as the young embodiment of Elizabeth McGovern's character in the blockbuster "Once Upon a Time in America" (1984) starring Robert De Niro and James Woods. Horror lovers may remember Jennifer Connelly as the young girl who has a strange relationship with the insect world in "Creepers" (1985), about a young teen girl, with an amazing ability to communicate with insects, who is transferred to an exclusive Swiss boarding school, where her unusual capability might help solve a string of murders.

Jennifer then was featured in standard young teen summer parodies, with the possible exception of Jim Henson's "Labyrinth" (1986) where she was overshadowed by David Bowie and a cast of  muppets. That same year she was seen in the comedy "Seven Minutes in Heaven" with Lauren Holly, about a beautiful student, who is staying home alone, together and apart, the three 15 year old girls learn much about life, maturity, and love 

Jennifer Connelly then relied on her gorgeous beauty as the only person innocent among Southern schemers in Dennis Hopper's thriller, "The Hot Spot" (1990) and as the big-breasted town beauty in the young teen comedy "Career Opportunities" (2990), a story about Josie, the daughter of the town's wealthiest businessman, who faces problems at home and wishes to leave. Then Connelly was cast as a 1940's Hollywood sexy celebrity who gets the guy in "The Rocketeer" (1991) - her and co-star Bill Campbell also enjoyed an off-screen romantic relationship as well.

Although Jennifer seemed on the edge of a major career, she had trouble finding that perfect role to shoot her into the public view. She quit performing for a while to seek an education and when she decided to resume her career, it was because she had rediscovered a zest for acting. Connelly made an unusual appearance on television with the 1993 movie "The Heart of Justice", in which she played a killer. John Singleton cast her as a mother and lesbian in "Higher Learning" (1995) featuring Tyra Banks. Her fans were surprised she would play a lesbian part, but the role was performed in good taste and with great talent. She next played another woman of uncertain qualities as Nick Nolte's ill-fated mistress in "Mulholland Falls" (1996) about when a local woman is murdered, and the cops investigation turns up the fact that she had been romantically linked to several prominent men and had secret films taken of her sexual liaisons.

Jennifer Connelly was the cast in the role of Eleanor, the bad girl, middle sister of a three beauties who all fall for the charms of the town's bad boy (Billy Crudup) in "Inventing the Abbotts" (1997) featuring Liv Tyler. She next took the role of a woman who may or may not be real in the science fiction thriller "Dark City" (1998) with Kiefer Sutherland  about a man who struggles with memories of his past, including a wife he cannot remember, in a nightmarish world with no sun and run by beings with telekinetic powers who seek the souls of humans.

After a short vacation for motherhood, Jennifer returned to the movie screen in a big way with three high profile films in 2000. She was yet again a lady of uncertainty, this time as a former radical haunting her old lover (Crudup) in "Waking the Dead" about a congressional candidate who questions his sanity after seeing the love of his life, presumed dead, suddenly emerge. In the disturbing "Requiem for a Dream", she played an aspirant fashion designer with a bad cocaine habit who submits to disgrace in order to score drugs. 

In addition to her demanding movie career, Jennifer made her debut as a series regular in the short lived New York City based television serial "The $treet" in 2000, which was supposed to be a behind the scenes look at a Wall Street investment and brokerage firm. The series lasted only one season.

The actress had one of her best roles to date as the tender wife of a math genius diagnosed with schizophrenia (played by Russell Crowe) in "A Beautiful Mind" (2001), somewhat based on the real life relationship between Alicia Nash and her husband, Nobel laureate John Forbes Nash Jr. - She received many good reviews for this hit and received a well deserved Academy Award as Best Supporting Actress.

The next year, after a short time out of the limelight, Jennifer played the role of Betty Ross, the suffering love interest in "The Hulk," (2003) a Universal Pictures production based on the Marvel comic book creature the Incredible Hulk where Ang Lee attempted to bring genuine sorrow to the monster. In a role more suited to her talents, the actress gave a great performance in "House of Sand and Fog" (2003), playing a disturbed, drug abusing woman whose family beach home is wrongfully sold off by the government, putting her in a bitter battle of wills against the new owner (Ben Kingsley) with long lasting results. 

Her next movie was the terror and horror flick "Dark Water" (2005) where she played a protective single mother who moves into a decaying and frightening apartment building and finds herself plagued by bizarre events involving dark, shadowy water.

Connelly next appeared in Todd Field’s comedy, “Little Children” (2006), playing the wife of a house-dad (Patrick Wilson) who struggles with her husband’s affair with a former graduate student and stay-at-home mom (Kate Winslet). 

In the blockbuster “Blood Diamond” (2006), Connelly played an aggressive American journalist in the middle of anarchy in civil war torn Sierra Leone in the 1990s who, while trying to expose the scandal ridden diamond industry, and falls for a smuggler played by Leonardo DiCaprio, attempting to find a rare pink diamond with a fisherman - a journey that will effect the lives of all three forever. 

Next up was “Reservation Road” (2007), a tragic tale about two families brought together when the father of one family kills the son of the other in a hit-and-run accident. In 2008 she tried her hand at comedy with "He's Just Not That Into You" (2008), with Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson, Ben Affleck and Drew Barrymore, the Baltimore set movie of interconnecting stories that deal with the challenges of reading or misreading human behavior.

Jennifer Connelly then lent her voice talents to the starring role of the animated fantasy adventure thriller "9" (2008), starring Elijah Wood and John C. Reilly, a post-apocalyptic nightmare in which all of humanity is threatened. Her next film was a remake of the 1951 classic sci-fi film about an alien visitor and his giant robot counterpart who visit Earth in "The Day The Earth Stood Still" (2008), starring Keanu Reeves, Kathy Bates and John Cleese. There are rumors that Jaden Smith, the young son of super-star Will Smith will have a small role in the film.


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