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Real Name: Jennifer Esposito
Birthday: 04/19/1972
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York
Eyes: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 5'5"



When the producers of the television comedy "Spin City" were casting the sexy New York born, Italian American mayoral administrator, they found their actress in Jennifer Esposito. The hot beauty, who was not afraid to show her "New York attitude", graduated from the the Actors Studio and worked as a waitress before finding success in Hollywood. 

Esposito was hired for her first television role on the daytime soap opera "The City" in 1995 and after that spent time on stage and in periodic guest appearances before landing supporting roles in several independent films, including "Kiss Me, Guido" (1997) and "No Looking Back" with Lauren Holly in 1998.

About that same time, Esposito was hired to play Stacey Paterno, the mayor's assistant and go-to person in "Spin City", while at the same time filming a recurring role as a gangster's daughter on the television series "New York Undercover” appearing with friend Tyra Banks who participated in the project for three episodes. 

The actress had definite ideas about how her television character should dress and behave, and over time the writers allowed her to make some changes to her character. Nevertheless, Jennifer felt unchallenged and after almost two seasons, decided to leave the smash hit series in favor of concentrating on a big movie screen and celebrity career. 

By the end of 1999 she had played the role of a bartender in the summer sequel "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" with co-star Jennifer Love Hewitt and a small un-credited role by up-and-comer Jack Black (1998), and had twice worked with Spike Lee, most notably in her role as Ruby, a rock band singer whose boyfriend (Adrien Brody) is accused of being the famous Son of Sam killer in "Summer of Sam" (1999). Esposito also had a leading role in the film "Side Streets" and made a cameo in the comedy-drama "The Bachelor" with an all-star cast that included Renee Zellweger, Mariah Carey and Brooke Shields.

After being hired for numerous small dramatic roles in major pictures, and starring in the below average independent action adventure thriller "The Proposal," Jennifer grabbed a leading comedy role opposite Dana Carvey in "Master of Disguise" (2002), and played alongside William H. Macy, Sam Rockwell and George Clooney in the Russo Brothers' adventure comedy "Welcome to Collinwood" (2002) 

In late 2004, Jennifer Esposito came back to series television with a recurring role on the courtroom drama "Judging Amy" playing Crystal Turner, a social worker who operates an outreach program for homeless children and teenagers. 

She followed up as a member of the elite acting group hired and cast for the drama "Crash" working with super star Sandra Bullock and Ryan Phillippe in 2005, playing the partner and romantic love interest of a police detective (Don Cheadle) mixed up in a racially sensitive homicide case. 

  Esposito then returned to series television starring in the one hour drama, “Related” (2005), about four New York sisters trying to keep their worlds moving forward and staying grounded while dealing with the strain of work and family problems. Jennifer then ventured back into comedy with "Jesus, Mary and Joey" (2006) about a twenty-something and aimless, Joey Vitello (Vincent Pagano) still lives at home with his colorful Italian-American. 

Next, Esposito was hired and cast in the dramatic comedy "American Crude" (2007) where the paths of several eccentric and troubled strangers cross one night. The actress then had a leading role alongside Val Kilmer in the dramatic action film "Conspiracy" (2008) about a seasoned senior enlisted special operations (spec ops) United States Marine who is wounded during combat operations in Iraq.

Esposito then landed another television series sit-com in ""Samantha Who?" (2008-) starring Christina Applegate, about a woman who suffers from amnesia and is forced to find out who she really is.


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