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Real Name: Kathy Ireland
Birthday: 8 March 1963
Place of Birth: Santa Barbara, California, USA
Pets: Dog, some cats, chickens, frogs and ducks


Biography And Filmography:

An impressive, green-eyed supermodel celebrity, who gained fame as the cover girl of the annual swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated, Kathy Ireland made her acting debut in "Journey to the Center of the Earth" in 1986, played two aliens in "Alien's from L.A." (1988) and appeared in "Side Out" (1990) starring C. Thomas Howell and "Mr. Destiny" (1991) with Rene Russo, and in the comedy "Necessary Roughness" (1991). 

In addition to her modeling career and appearing in dozens of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues, Kathy Ireland has alternated between an acting career and one as a fitness guide. She appeared in a recurring role as a woman of mystery on the Fox primetime show "Melrose Place" (1994), about the lives and loves of a group of young adults living in "Melrose Place" California. Each with their own dreams and drives. The television series starred heavy hitters Heather Locklear and Courtney Thorne-Smith and Alyssa Milano. Ireland then appeared with Teri Garr in the comedy "Mom and Dad Save the World" (1992), where Emperor Spengo kidnaps her and her husband Dick, hoping to make Marge his lover before blowing up the Earth.

The next few roles for the actress were different, as Kathy played the role of Taylor in the comedy "Amore!" (1993), and then landed her Hollywood dream role in the National Lampoon comedy "Loaded Weapon 1" (1993) starring alongside Emilio Estevez and Samuel L. Jackson. This was her breakout role where General Curtis Mortars and Mr. Jigsaw are lacing the Wilderness Girls cookies with drugs. Staying with the comedy, Ireland was next hired and cast in the movie "Backfire!" (1995) where just as Jeremy Jackson attempts to become the first male firewoman in New York, fires begin mysteriously erupting from toilets and Fire Marshal Marc Marshall is called in to investigate.

Kathy Ireland was now a movei star.

Ireland changed gears again with a television adventure of Marvel Comic's greatest superhero team in "Fantastic Four" (1994), the story of when Reed Richards, Sue and Johnny Storm and pilot Ben Grimm take a premature space flight on a new shuttle, and find themselves massively bombarded with cosmic radiation. Barely managing to re-enter and land safely, they find themselves forever transformed with superpowers. Deciding to use these new powers to help people, they form the Fantastic Four, a superhero team dedicated to the protection of Earth from menaces like the Latverian King Dr. Doom and Galactus, the planet consumer. 

Deciding she preferred the television screen over big-budget feature movies, Ireland began appearing in cameos and returning guest appearances in such television shows as "Boy Meets World", "The Watcher", "Deadly Games", "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch", "Suddenly Susan", "The Incredible Hulk", "King of the Hill", "Cosby", "Touched by an Angel", "Strong Medicine", "For Your Love" and "Totally Spies!". 

As Kathy Ireland phased herself out of the short-lived life of a supermodel, she laid out a solid foundation for her future and became a successful business woman, as CEO and Chief Designer of "Kathy Ireland Worldwide", her billion dollar company which began be designing socks. In addition to running her successful company, Kathy is involved in numerous charity organizations and in 2002 wrote the book "Powerful Inspirations - 8 Lessons That Will Change Your Life."


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