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Real Name: Lucy Francis Lawless
Birthday: March 29, 1968


Biography And Filmography:

Standing tall and displaying an excellent skill for martial arts, Lucy Lawless went from being an unseen New Zealand actor to worldwide celebrity as "Xena: Warrior Princess" (1995-2001).

As a college student, Lawless realized she did not have the interest for opera like she had thought, and dropped out of college to travel Europe. Joined by her high school sweetheart Garth,Lucy landed in Australia and found herself pregnant. After a fast marriage, she and the family relocated to British Columbia for a brief period so she could study acting. In 1994, Lawless made two guest appearances on the series "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys", as a rebel Amazon lieutenant and a shameless villain who gives birth to a baby centaur. 

American actress Vanessa Angel had been cast as Xena, the female counterpart to Hercules, in three episodes of the series. When Angel became ill, the producers asked Lawless to make more "Hercules" guest appearances. A new storyline turned into the "Xena: Warrior Princess" spin-off series, which became the worldwide syndicated hit of the 1995-96 season, and won a dedicated audience similar to fans of "Star Trek." Lucy Lawless not only embodied Xena's character, she was also convincing in the shows more emotional scenes, and had fun with the tabloid rumors of a lesbian relationship between Xena and her sexy associate Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor). Her marriage to Garth was a victim of her career, ending in divorce in 1995, when she married "Xena" producer Rob Tapert.

After the series was cancelled, Lucy Lawless was hired and cast in a two-part episode of the even bigger cult hit "The X-Files" playing a solider who claims to have driven the missing Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) into hiding. Showing a skill for great one-liners and physical comedy, Lawless was next seen in a guest appearance as a punk rocker in the superhero blockbuster "EuroTrip" (2004) with Matt Damon, where dumped by his girlfriend, a high school grad decides to embark on an overseas adventure in Europe with his friends. She then had a recurring role on the sitcoms "Less Than Perfect" and "Two and a Half Men" in 2004 and 2005. 

Lucy returned with roles in the horror feature "Boogeyman" (2004) as the mother of a troubled young man (Barry Watson), and the television movie "Locusts" (2005), an insect invasion film that had her play an investigator for the Department of Agriculture struggling to protect America from a deadly breed of bio-engineered locusts. Much better was her next recurring role on a remake of the cult series "Battlestar Galactica" as D'anna Biers, a journalist allowed extraordinary access to the starship who is also secretly a Cylon spy.

Lucy Lawless then lent her voice to the animated action adventure "Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight" (2008), that included the famous voice of Kiefer Sutherland, about a barbarian woman with a miraculous healing staff who gains the help of a group of to-be heroes as an army of dragons invades the land. Lawless followed with another animated hero film with "Justice League: The New Frontier" (2008), set in the 1950s, about a new generation of superheroes who must join forces with the community's active veterans and a hostile United States government to fight a menace to Earth. 

During 2008, Lucy Lawless left the television screen behind and returned to the big-screen with a set of blockbusters. First, was the family comedy "Bedtime Stories" (2008) starring Adam Sandler and Courtney Cox, about a hotel handyman (Adam Sandler) whose life changes when the lavish bedtime stories he tells his niece and nephew start to magically come true. The actress wrapped her year starring with Kevin Sorbo in the action movie "Bitch Slap" (2008) 


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