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Real Name: Lindsay Dee Lohan
Birthday: 7/2/1986
Birth Place: New York City


Actress, and sexy teen pop star Lindsay Lohan started the world of show business at the young age of four as a Ford model that led to television commercials for the Gap, Pizza Hut, and Wendy's. She has appeared on soap operas like "Another World" and "The Guiding Light", as well as small parts in "The Bette Show" and "Get a Clue", a Disney Channel movie about a wealthy student with too much fashion sense, her equally rich friends, and her rival-superior from the school paper work together to solve the case when their teacher goes missing.. 

Lohan's Disney connection, which included starring as the twins in a remake of "The Parent Trap", continued into her teens and helped steer her career into the world of music - along with co-starring next to Jamie Lee Curtis in 2003's "Freaky Friday" about an overworked mother and her daughter who do not get along. When they switch bodies, each is forced to adapt to the others life for one freaky Friday. She also performed the movie's theme song, "Ultimate."

The following year, Lohan starred in "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" with Megan Fox, and performed two songs for its soundtrack. Encouraged by these early successes, as well as her starring role in "Mean Girls" with Tina Fey and Rachel McAdams, she hosted the 2004 MTV Movie Awards and won an award for Female Breakout Star. She also signed to Tommy Mottola's Casablanca Records, releasing her debut album, "Speak", in December of 2004. 

The next year, Lindsay's sexy Hollywood celebrity status started to catch up with her. While she continued her relationship with Disney, filming a remake of "Herbie: Fully Loaded", Internet and tabloid media rumors spread about everything from her health, sex, drug usage, alcohol abuse and lesbian love life, to her late night party and sex habits as well as her diva behavior. It didn't help that her album "Speak" was a complete flop.

By the end of 2006, her public reputation as the wild and sexual pop star and teen beauty had over shadowed her accomplishments as an movie actress and singer. And it was into this ruthless tabloid environment that Lohan released her second album, "A Little More Personal". The album was certified gold early in 2006. 

Later that year, Lindsay dropped Casablanca and switched to Motown Records by Universal Music label. She worked more on her film career and continued to have a large amount of tabloid attention around her, including her DUI arrest on May 26, 2007, for suspicion of driving under the influence and a subsequent stay at Malibu, California's Promises Treatment Center, she planned work on a third album in the second half of 2007. 

Lindsay Lohan struggled during 2007 and 2008, with several episodes of rehab and the tabloids producing numerous pictures of her drug and alcohol use. She also had an on again, off again lesbian relationship with hot party disco D.J. Samantha Ronson.

After what appeared as a break-up in early 2008, the two seemed to reconcile while partying their way into more trouble. The leak of the "Lesbian Letters" implicating the two in a gay sexual relationship, and media coverage of their public affection made it seem as the two were once again a couple. 

Returning to movie work, Lindsay was cast in "Just My Luck" (2006), a comedy about New York City girl Ashley who is known as the luckiest woman around, but after a chance encounter with a young man realizes that she's swapped her fortune for his. Lohan hit paydirt with "Bobby" (2006) starring alongside heavy hitters like Nick Cannon, Heather Graham, Helen Hunt, Ashton Kutcher, Shia Labeouf, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone and Christian Slater, a story of the assassination of U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy who was shot in the early morning hours of June 5, 1968 in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, and 22 people in the hotel whose lives were never the same. Next was the crime drama "Chapter 27" (2007), a film about Mark David Chapman in the days leading up to the infamous murder of Beatle John Lennon.

Lohan continued to crank out the movies the following year, starting with "Georgia Rule" (2008), another star packed film where Rachel comes to stay with her Grandmother 'Georgia' for the summer leaving some obvious problems behind at home.  The film won a Teen Choice Award for the performances by Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman. Next was the crime drama "I Know Who Killed Me" (2007), about an small town that is rocked when Aubrey Fleming, a bright and promising young woman, is abducted and tortured by a serial killer. She changed gears in the musical drama "Dare to Love Me" (2008), set in the seedy underworld of 1920s Buenos Aires, Tango legend Carlos Gardel is involved in a torrid love. She wrapped her year starring in the the comedy "Ye Olde Times" (2009) with Jack Black, where two rival Medieval shows vie for supremacy in the world of Renaissance Fairs.

In 2011 Lohan's past caught up with her. After being arrested for stealing a necklace from a jewelry shop in 2011, and several missed court appearances, she was finally hauled before a judge and sentenced to work at the Los Angeles county morgue. It was her last chance to get straight. The judge was firm and told Lindsay if there were any more issues she would be sent to jail immediately to serve out all her time behind bars.

As of 2012 Lindsay Lohan has stayed clean and out of trouble and even hosted Saturday Night Live in March 2012 to much critical acclaim. But time will tell if Lohan can stay the course and keep herself out of trouble.

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