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Real Name: Lara Flynn Boyle
Birthday: 03/24/1970 
Birth Place: Davenport, Iowa



Even though she was born in Iowa, Lara Flynn Boyle was raised in the Chicago suburbs by her mother after her parents' divorce. While still a young teen, the energetic student was diagnosed with a learning disability and she joined the Piven Theater improvisational workshop as a way to develop skills at expressing herself.

While Boyle had been hired in a supporting role as Robert Urich's daughter in the television miniseries "Amerika" (1987), she respected her mothers' wishes and finished high school at the Chicago Academy for the Arts before starting her Hollywood career. 

Lara Flynn Boyle's first film role was as the cousin of little Carol Ann in "Poltergeist III" (1988), and she started to gain momentum with her portrayal of murder victim Jennifer Levin in the television movie "The Preppie Murder" (1989). After a role as Charlie Sheen's girlfriend in "The Rookie" (1990) starring Clint Eastwood, David Lynch hired and cast Lara as the young girl next door who had a sexual obsession in the weird television cult drama "Twin Peaks" (1990-91).

Boyle tried to dump her nice girl image plating an actressl involved with gangster Lucky Luciano (Christian Slater) in "Mobsters" (1991) also featuring a young Patrick Dempsey. And then as a bad girl and young runaway in "Where the Day Takes You" (1992) with Will Smith. This film revolved around a group of young runaways trying to survive in the streets of Los Angeles surrounded by drugs, prostitution and violence. 

Next was a role as the voracious, former girlfriend of Mike Myers' Wayne in "Wayne's World" (1992) with Tia Carrere. Boyle gave a great performance as Matthew Modine's shy lover in "Equinox" (1992), before becoming the villain in the drama thriller "The Temp" (1993) about a cookie company takeover that has employees scrambling to make a case for continued employment.. 

Lara Flynn Boyle was fantastic as the target of a hit man in the thriller "Red Rock West" (1993) starring Nicolas Cage, and as the energetic college student in the film "Threesome" (1994). Working again with Modine, she portrayed Rachel in the biblical television miniseries "Jacob" (1994), before playing a woman driven to prostitution by her husband in "Cafe Society" (1996), where a society playboy with a taste for cheap women is set up for exploitation by a corrupt cop and his political masters.

Lara was then cast in the starring role as a barmaid in the comedy "The Big Squeeze" (1996), about a man Benny, an unlucky drifter, who is thrown off a train after cheating at poker, and into the life of Tanya, a lovely bartender.

While earning good reviews and attention for her film and television work, it was not until she returned to series television that she started to become a celebrity. In 1997, Boyle joined the cast of David E Kelley's legal drama "The Practice" as an assistant district attorney fascinated by defense lawyer Dylan McDermott. She also worked with director Alan Rudolph as a young woman romantically involved with an older man in "Afterglow" (1997) starring Nick Nolte.

Lara Flynn Boyle was now a certified Hollywood celebrity!

In 2002, Boyle had her first blockbuster hit in "Men In Black II”, the Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones science fiction comedy where Earth is being threatened by a shape shifting alien named Selena.

Lara returned to television with a returning role on “Huff” (2004- ), a medical drama where she portrayed a mental patient with uncontrollable violent behavior. She then joined the cast of “Las Vegas” (2004- ) as a new casino owner who upsets her employees, especially the head of security played by James Caan.

In 2006, Lara starred alongside Ralph Fiennes in the drama "Land Of The Blind", about a soldier relating his relationship with a famous political prisoner trying to overthrow their country's government. Then it was back to the television for "The House Next Door" (2006), about a women and her husband who find their suburban lifestyle suddenly interrupted when an intense and ambitious architect, builds a stunning, modern house on the empty lot next to their quaint, charming home. While neighbors are thrilled to have such an upscale and exquisite addition to their street, Col and Walker begin to question the new house when strange and disturbing events begin to happen to those who live there.

Another made-for-television movie followed, ""Shades Of Black, The Conrad Black Story" (2007), featuring Jason Priestley. The movie is a story of ambition, love, betrayal and greed as it chronicles the private and public struggles of Lord Conrad Black, one of the world's most controversial press barons. Next was "Have Dreams, Will Travel" (2007) starring Val Kilmer and Heather Graham. Set in the 1960's, the film is a magical tale of two twelve year olds embarking on an adventure to find new, cool parents and escape their neglected, overly adult existence.

Lara Flynn Boyle then starred in "Life Is Hot In Cracktown" (2008), a film containing various stories of how crack cocaine has infiltrated the inner-city streets. She then starred with hot and sexy Heather Graham in the Brian Herzlinger comedy "Baby On Board" (2008) where life for a successful power couple gets thrown for a loop when the wife finds out she's pregnant.

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