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Real Name: Amanda Leigh Moore
Birthday: 04/10/1984 
Birth Place: Nashua, New Hampshire


A pretty singer from Orlando, Florida, Mandy Moore went from local musical theater and fame as the "National Anthem Girl" for her performance of "The Star Spangled Banner" at Orlando sports events, to her smash hit first music album at age fifteen. 

Seen by producers who heard her sing at sporting events who suggested Mandy make a demo tape, she was soon a fourteen year old pretty young girl with a record deal. Mandy toured with the "Backstreet Boys" and "*NSYNC" in 1999, and back orders for her first song "Candy" was so big that her album release date was pushed up by four months.

With a music video that was both stimulating and sexy, even though the teenagers costumes were normal compared to her competition, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, "Candy" started her MTV television career as well. Going platinum by 2000, Mandy Moore was now a regular on MTV, guest hosting and appearing on the the popular music series "T.R.L.", and starring in television specials such as "Mandy's Spring Break Makeover." Seeing her appeal, personality and brilliant screen skills, the network hired her for her own television series during 2000, "The Mandy Moore Show," was picked up for the second season and simply titled "Mandy.”

Mandy Moore began working as a Neutrogena spokesperson after her album was released, and in 2000, the video "Magic Al and the Mind Factory" appeared, a children's film she had created in 1998. Moore made her big screen debut in 2001, first, with a tiny voice role in "Dr. Dolittle 2" where she got to work alongside one of her idols Eddie Murphy, and next in a supporting role in "The Princess Diaries" with Anne Hathaway  As the bad-girl of shady princess Mia (Anne Hathaway), she toned down her good-girl image to play a sexy schoolgirl bully. 

By the time "The Princess Diaries" was released in 2001, Mandy Moore had completed filming on "A Walk to Remember" with Daryl Hannah (2002), a sex filled romance set in small town U.S.A. that combined her good girl personality opposite trouble maker Shane West in a "Love Story" type plot. The movie was a smash hit. She also had the release of a second album that showed a more adult side to the singer, which gave way to a hit single "In My Pocket".

After her first lead starring movie role did well at the box office, Mandy was hired as the lead in "How to Deal" (2003), playing a young girl whose bad views on love caused by her family's troubles in romance is turned upside down when she falls in love for the first time. She then appeared in another musical project, “Coverage” (2003), where she brought famous songs by Elton John, Todd Rundgren, Cat Stevens and other artists to her age group of fans.Moore next starred as the unruly daughter of the United States President who unknowingly becomes romantically involved with the undercover Secret Service agent assigned to protect her, in "Chasing Liberty" (2004).

Next, Moore co-starred in the comedy "Saved!", and showed an amazingly believable side to her role of Hilary Faye, a self righteous Christian school student who shows prejudice when her pregnant best friend refuses to be "saved".  

For “Racing Stripes” (2005), a family movie combining live action and animated scenes and editing, Mandy Moore provided the voice of Sandy, a young horse who helps Stripes the zebra run his first race. The movie did well and she had the opportunity to work along side one of her friends - Hayden Panettiere.

In 2005, Moore was hired for a recurring role on the comedy "Entourage" (2004- ) playing herself in her role where she is having a difficult relationship with her co-star Vincent Chase while shooting a big screen super hero movie for director James Cameron.

Mandy Moore was now a Hollywood celebrity!

After appearing in the “American Idol” big screen parody, “American Dreamz” (2006), she played Diane Keaton's daughter in the comedy adventure, "Because I Said So" (2007). Moore next delivered two movie projects during the summer of 2007, first, was "Wild Hope" which she wrote herself, followed by her role in the hot sexy romantic comedy, “License to Wed,” co-starring John Krasinski of “The Office”, and mega star celebrity and funny man Robin Williams as Reverend Frank. "License to Wed" was the feel-good movie of the summer and not only did well at the box office, but showcased exactly what the actress was capable of. 


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