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Real Name: Amanda Rogers
Birthday: January 31, 1973 
Birth Place: Melbourne, Australia

Portia de Rossi Biography And Filmography:

A gorgeous, glamorous actress with well-defined eyebrows, Portia de Rossi first caught viewers' attention portraying an innocent young teenager who poses as a nude model in "Sirens" (1994). After moving to the United States from her native Melbourne, Australia, de Rossi found a role as the love interest of star Eric Schaeffer in the television comedy "Too Something" (1995), and was later hired for one season on "Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher" (1996).

After a co-starring role as a drug addict in the film "The Woman in the Moon" (1995), Portia landed her first big role as a sorority sister in "Scream 2" (1997) with Courtney Cox and Sarah Michelle Gellar. The actress then got her break-out role when she joined the ensemble cast of the hit Fox comedy "Ally McBeal" (1998) starring Calista Flockhart. As Nell Porter, de Rossi added glamour and sex appeal to the smash hit comedy.

During and after filming "Ally McBeal", Portia worked in feature films like the romantic drama "Girl" (1988) with Tara Reid and Selma Blair, where a straight-A teen explores Seattle's rock scene. Next was a starring role in the comedy "The Invisibles: (1999), where a couple escapes to their Parisian flat for a private drug detox, sex and fantasy. More comedy followed with the comedy "American Intellectuals" (1999), and then the horror thriller "Stigmata" (1999) starring Patricia Arquette, where a priest from the Vatican is sent in to investigate claims that a small town in Brazil has a church where statues bleed from the eyes.

Portia de Rossi then took on her highest profile movie role to date starring alongside Christian Slater in the crime comedy "Who Is Cletis Tout?" (2001), a comedy about mistaken identities, and a hit man who sees everything in terms of the movies and a twenty year old diamond robbery. She then starred in the comedy "Two Girls From Lemoore" (2003) starring alongside Terri Hatcher, where a pair of female best friends head to Hollywood to realize their dreams of fame and fortune, finding the going tougher than they ever imagined. 

Portia then starred with Melanie Griffith and Dennis Hopper in the biographical drama "The Night We Called It a Day" (2003), based on the true story of Frank Sinatra's tour of Australia. When Sinatra calls a local reporter a "two-bit hooker", every union in the country black-lists the star until he issues an apology.

de Rossi the ventured back to the horror thrillers with the movie "Cursed" (2005), about a werewolf loose in Los Angeles that changes the lives of three young adults, who, after being mauled by the beast, learn they must kill their attacker if they hope to change their fate to avoid becoming werewolves too. 

In 2003, Portia was hired and cast in 53 episodes of the smash hit "Arrested Development" (2003-2006) playing the role of Lindsay Bluth Funke. The all-star ensemble cast included Jason Bateman, Michael Cera , Jeffrey Tambor and was narrated by Ron Howard. The cult hit revolved around Michael Bluth, a widower with a 13-year-old son, named George-Michael (Cera), who is forced to keep his dysfunctional family together after his father is arrested for shifty accounting practices at the family-owned conglomerate and the Bluth family assets are frozen, making each member of the eccentric family panic. While "Arrested Development" never gained a large audience, it was loved by it's small but loyal fan base of fanatics.

Once "Arrested Development" was cancelled, the actress jumped to another television show with "Nip/Tuck" (2003), where having reached the zenith of his success, a prudish plastic surgeon begins to see the crumbling of his dreams and the end of his perfect life, as he juggles a sex-addicted business partner, adulterous wife, sexually confused adolescent son, and the numerous bizarre and sinister clients.

Portia then joined with her old friends for the big-screen movie version of "Arrested Development" (2009), based on the television series about family dysfunction, brother and sister relationships, crooked businessmen, and dumb blondes. She wrapped her year in the television movie "Butch And Fay" (2009), a sitcom about an actor and an actress who marry to preserve their careers.

But perhaps one of the highest profile roles she has ever played is that of real-life gay lover to Ellen Degeneres. Her private life became more public when she entered into the lesbian relationship with tabloid media and Hollywood press hounding her on her affair. The couple never denied the rumors, in fact, in 2008 announced they had intentions of getting married now that the California laws had been changed to allow gay marriage. In late 2008, the couple were married in California in a private ceremony.

During 2009-2010 Portia returned to series television with a role in “Better Off Ted” before taking a starring role in the made for TV movie “The Smart One” in 2012. The show centers on a brilliant and successful woman who begrudgingly goes to work for her less-brainy but more popular sister, a former beauty queen, weather girl and now mayor of a big city.

And after the success of the first big screen version of “Arrested Development” it has been announced that a sequel is in the works du for release possibly in 2013 or 2014.



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