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Real Name: Samantha Karen Fox
Birthday: 15th April 1966



Samantha Fox was born April 15, 1966, in Mile End, London, to parents Patrick and Carole. 

As a young high school student,
Fox was discovered by the Sun tabloid while studying for her finals. After her first appearance as a topless model in the "Page 3" feature of the paper, her popularity took off.

Her work as a "Page 3" girl for many years made her famous, but she wanted to follow her dream of music, and in 1986 her dream came true.

Her debut album "Touch Me", was released in 1987 and went gold after the release of the first single, "Touch Me (I Want Your Body)." With the help controversial lyrics, the song sold more than six million copies worldwide, and helped make the new singer a superstar.

Her celebrity grew even more with a guest appearance on MTV, and her centerfold status didn't hurt either. Her second album, "Samantha Fox" was released in 1987, and regardless of the critics' calling her a porno star, and nude model trying to be a singer, she was able to build a huge fan base. The album produced the smash hits "Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)" and "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now."

Her success continued with the release of her third album, "I Wanna Have Some Fun" in 1988. Again, she hit big with "Next To Me" and "Love House".

More albums were released, two in 1991 "Just One Night" and "Hurt Me, Hurt Me", and 1992's Greatest Hits featuring the tracks "I Only Wanna Be With You" and "Do Ya Do Ya Wanna Please Me."

Samantha Fox took a vacation from the music business as she upgraded her image and sound to a more confident style, which included a breast reduction to go with her album, "21st Century Fox", which was released in 1997.

The album gave us the hit singles "Wasted Energy," "Let Me Be Free" and "Santa Maria."

Fox wasn't working on her music, she was working on movies with appearances in 1994's "Rock Dancer" and 1999's "The Match", and cameos in "Frontline" and "The Frank Skinner Show".

Men around the world fell in love with her when she posed nude for Playboy Magazine in 1996, the last time she would pose naked. But it seemed that the world wanted to see her body, and that months edition of Playboy, with her as the centerfold, was one of the fastest selling issues in the magazines history. 

After her Playboy photo shoot and centerfold, there was uncertainty in Hollywood. There was another "Samantha Fox" on the scene, but this performer was not the sweet little girl who became a music legend. The other was the queen of porno videos, appearing nude in countless direct-to-video porn and adult movie projects since the 1980's. There was a time when fans confused the singer with the porn star, and some critics believed it may have actually helped her career. 

In 2002 Fox released another album, "Watching You, Watching Me". Then, in 2005, she released "Angel With An Attitude" and, in 2007, re-released the album with two additional bonus tracks.

Also in 2007,
Samantha Fox toured Australia as part of the "Countdown Spectacular 2", a series of concerts reviving the nostalgia of the Australian music television series Countdown. 


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