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Real Name: Victoria Caroline Adams
Birthday: 04/17/1974
Birth Place: Hertfordshire, England, UK



Victoria Beckham was born April 17, 1974, and is a popular singer and performert, who first came to our attention as a member of girl band the "Spice Girls", as Posh Spice. She is also married to soccer sensation David Beckham.

Victoria Beckham was born and raised in Goffs Oak, Hertfordshire to Anthony William Adams, an engineer, and Jacqueline Doreen Cannon. She has a younger sister Louise and a younger brother Christian. Her father used to take her to school in a Rolls-Royce and she lifed in a fabulous estate house. Before joining the Spice Girls, she had joined a band where she was the lead singer, but left after falling in love with the "Spice" project. 

Victoria married the Manchester United,  England and Real Madrid soccer player David Beckham on July 4, 1999, and the couple has three sons: Brooklyn, born March 4, 1999, Romeo, born September 1, 2002, and Cruz, born February 20, 2005.

Even with being one of the most celebrated and famous celebrities in Britain, and having her music reach the top ten, her career as a solo artist is considered to have been a failure, but her first album reached number ten on the UK charts.

A song called "Let Your Head Go/ This Groove" was released in 2003 and hit number three. This single was a compromise with her manager Simon Fuller, one side being a pop and dance song and the other side a song with a strong R&B influence created by her new guru Damon Dash. A release for the United States was scheduled for 2004 but a string of disastrous events prevented it from happening. 

In fact, Damon Dash had a falling out with Simon Fuller over how to direct and produce her career. With him out of the venture, she decided to hold off with the project. She decided to work on a series of new fashions for Rock and Republic instead. A promotional tape was sent to the media which featured the songs and a snippet of a cover song of the Beatles 'Come Together'.

In 2004, her marriage suffered a setback when a number of women came forward to the tabloids claiming they had affairs and sexual relations with David. All were dismissed as "ridiculous", "bizarre" and "unproven" by David, and the couple showed a publicly unified front against the allegations. However, one woman still claimed that she had not made-up the allegations, and since the couple did not take any legal actions to challenge them, they have continued to smear their image. The British newspapers and public, however, finally lost interest in the story, and the love birds have continued life as normal.

In 2003, Beckham denied rumors of breast enlargement saying, "I'm completely natural, I have not had breast enhancement or anything except for my fingernails, and I have a bit of help with my hair and a bit of San Tropez going on." A year later she told a talk show host, "I haven't had a boob job." This was later shown to be false in 2005 when a court document over a libel case showed she did have breast enhancement. The documentation, obtained by Britain's The People newspaper, says "That she had  undergone breast surgery and had lied about to the press and public." 

Victoria also had a public quarrel with supermodel Naomi Campbell, which started when she publicly identified Campbell as "a massive cow", and a "bitch" in 2000. Campbell later remarked that she did not understand how the singer got the nickname "Posh". All the bad blood between the two seemed to cool down, and the two have appeared together on screen, and off.

In 2004, Beckham introduced a new line of jeans for Rock and Republic called 'VB Rocks'. They were expensive,  selling for over $400, but the clothes were so successful that she made other clothing lines, including a series of children's and men's fashion wear. She also worked on a series of women's clothes with shirts and skirts, where the unique feature is her logo - a crown with the letters VB.

There was a period of time during 2005 when it was reported that Beckham may be sued by the Queen over the illegal use of The Queens crown as her clothes line logo.

In 2006, her career stabilized when she was hired to walk the catwalk for fashion designer Roberto Cavalli. 

More work in 2006 included a line of sunglasses, a perfume, and continuing her fashion business.

In 2006,  Victoria Beckham made an formal statement about the future of her music career in an interview with a British newspaper saying, "I'm never going to sing again, unless it is with The Spice Girls. I don't really miss the shows we did together. I miss the girls more. I see Geri a lot - I love her, she's amazing. I speak to the others from time to time. I love them too and miss them."

In 2007, the couple moved to the United States as David was signed to play soccer for a U.S. team. But due to injuries and various other problems, was seldom seen on the field leading tabloids, and the public alike, to wonder why the deal had ever happened at all. In addition, the singer did not fit in well with the United States public and Hollywood crows. Victoria was never seen in public or with a smile, and insiders speculate that few producers, directors or actors had any craving to work with her, making a possible acting career in the United States impossible.

In 2008, Victoria was credit as the song writer for the tune “Wannabe” used in the movie “Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist” starring Michael Cera.

Also between 2008 and 2012 Victoria had several guest appearances on several TV shows including Loose Women (2009), Being Erica (2009), Dancing on Ice Friday (2010), and Live from Studio Five (2012). Beckham was also credited as songwriter for "Spice Up Your Life" and "Wannabe" that were used in the TV series documentary “20 to 1” from 2007-2012.


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