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Real Name: David Lee Gallagher
Birthday: February 9, 1985
Place of Birth: College Point, N.Y.


David Gallagher is best known from his his role of Simon on the Aaron Spelling television series "7th Heaven".  A present-day household drama about a minister and his wife giving out love, comedy and life with their five children.

The cast includes Stephen, Catherine Hicks Betty Watson ("Sister, Sister," "Days of Our Lives"), Jessica Biel ("It's a Digital World"), Beverley Mitchell ("Phenom"), newcomer Mackenzie Rosman, and David as Simon.

A resident of College Point, New York, David  has already appeared in two successful movies, being hired and cast as Kyra Sedgewick's young son in "Phenomenon" (1996) starring John Travolta, about an ordinary man who sees a bright light descend from the sky and discovers he now has super-intelligence and telekinesis. In "Look Who's Talking Now", he played the role of the young teen son of Kirstie Alley - the film was a smash hit.

He also was cast in the starring role in the video release "Richie Rich's Christmas Wish" (1998) where after getting blamed for spoiling Christmas, the richest young boy in the world wishes he'd never been born. Unfortunately, a wishing machine, invented by professor Keenbean, picked up the wish and made it come true. Now Richie finds himself in a parallel world where his only hope is to find professor Keenbean and the wishing machine so he can wish things back to normal. 

He then starred as Marty in the Disney movie "The New Adventures of Spin and Marty: Suspect Behavior", and the had the lead role in the television movies "It Was Him Or Us," "Bermuda Triangle" about what happens after a strange storm in the Caribbean causes a boat to sink, and the family finds itself stranded on an island in the 27th dimension. He then appeared in "Summer of Fear" and "Angels in the End Zone." The actor also has had guest appearances on the daytime drama "Loving" and "Walker Texas Ranger."

David got his first magazine advertisement job at only age 19 months old, and has appeared in dozens of television commercials including some for Walt Disney World, Burger King, Hanes, and Tyson Foods. In 1995, he headlined in the role of the young teen boy Scrooge in the now yearly musical hit "A Christmas Carol" at New York City's Paramount Theater. He also starred in a music video "It's Christmas, C'est Noel" with French boy singer Jordy.

In 2001, he starred along side the young Evan Rachel Wood and Vivica A. Fox in the comedy "Little Secrets" (2001) a tale centering on Emily, a young 14 year old violin genius who is entrusted with her young neighbors' most personal and treasured secrets. Next was "Kart Racer" (2003) with Randy Quaid about a young 14-year-old boy, Watts Davies, who is estranged from his dad, a former International Karting Federation (IKF) champion. Watts's resolve to race in the upcoming IKF Regional Championships rekindles their relationship as they pursue the dream together. 

Next was the drama thriller "The Quiet" (2005) with Elisha Cuthbert and Edie Falco about young deaf and mute woman, who is sent to live with her godparents and their daughter.

The young teen idol then started of the new year with the thriller "The Picture of Dorian Gray" (2006), an adaptation of the Oscar Wilde classic tale of arrogance. Next was more television work with guest appearances in "Numb3ers" and "CSI: Miami" and then a role in the comedy short "Freakin' Zombies, Man!" (2007), about Stanley Johnson (Cody McMains) who is an average young high school boy with average problems: grades, bullies, girls, and zombies. 

He finished out the year with the horror thriller "Boogeyman 2" (2007), with a script that centers on a young woman with a long-term phobia of the bogeyman, who voluntarily checks herself into a mental health facility with the hope of conquering her overwhelming fears.

Young David is a teen magazine darling and has dozens websites and a Usenet newsgroups dedicated to him. He received a 1997 Young Artist Award and a 1998 Hollywood Reporter Young Star Award for his acting on "7th Heaven."



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