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Real Name: Edward Norton
Birthday: August 18, 1969
Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Education: Columbia School for Theatrical Arts, Columbia, Maryland



A top actor who has awed audiences and critics alike in a variety of roles since his film debut, Edward Norton hit the big screen with a scene stealing role in 1996's legal thriller "Primal Fear". Amazingly mature and straight forward, he stayed away from discussing private information to the press, but when discussing his work proved a captivating interview subject. 

His well-known energy served his introduction film well, fooling the casting agents for "Primal Fear" and landing the role of the schizophrenic southerner by creating an accent and inventing a Kentucky birthplace. A stranger to movie audiences, the actor's obscurity made his performance, as the altar boy turned executioner, all the more stirring and authentic. His flawless work in the convincing, if uneven film earned him a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award nomination. 

That same year, he gave two other celebrated supporting performances portraying attorneys. In Woody Allen's curious musical "Everyone Says I Love You", he was featured as Drew Barrymore's preppy love interest. The attractive actor proved a talented comedic actor, even pulling off his unexpected singing role quite well. He rounded out the year with another good performance as lawyer Alan Isaacman in Milos Forman's biopic "The People vs. Larry Flynt". Honest and easygoing in this film, in what may be described as a slightly gullible role, his next work would be a definite divergence.

After adding 30 pounds of muscle to his formerly lean frame, and cutting off his medium brown hair, Ed changed his boy next door look into a shocking skinhead for his starring role as a clean yet brutal white supremacist in the controversy "American History X" (1998). Playing Derek Vinyard, an active young leader of a neo-Nazi movement, he took the audience on a trip through the character's immoral acts, his restlessness and embarrassment, and his disgust that the legacy of his extreme hate had been passed on to an admiring younger brother (Edward Furlong). 

Also in 1998, he turned in another in a first-rate performances, as Worm, the suitably named poker ace in "Rounders". Fresh out of prison and down on his luck, Worm enlists the aid of a friend who has given up the underground gambling life to attend law school. Edward's quick acting con man all but takes over the movie, inserting plenty of shine into the moody film. Next up was the drama "Fight Club" (1999), starring with Brad Pitt and Helena Bonham Carter in a unusual tale of self-help groups and underground vicious secret societies.

The actor then was cast in the feature film "Keeping the Faith" (2000), starring with fellow actor and director Ben Stiller. In the film, the two played Catholic priest and a rabbi who fall in love with the same woman. He then co-starred with Robert De Niro and Angela Basset in "The Score" (2001) where he played a young con man. 

Next was "Frida" (2002), then a starring role in both "Red Dragon" (2002) the prequel to "Silence Of The Lambs" (1991), as well as Spike Lee's crime drama "The 25th Hour" (2002). Edward finished out the year being cast in "Death to Smoochy" (2002) starring Robin Williams.

In 2003, the Hollywood darling was hired and cast in the remake of the traditional 60s heist film "The Italian Job," which also co-starred Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron, based on a 1969 Michael Caine film of the same name, where thieves plan to pull of the heist of their lives by creating Los Angeles largest traffic jam ever. Next was the action adventure drama "Kingdom Of Heaven" (2005) with Orlando Bloom, about a man who travels to Jerusalem during the crusades of the 12th century, and finds himself as the defender of the city and its people.

He next appeared in "Down In The Valley" (2005) with Evan Rachel Wood and set in the present-day San Fernando Valley, the film revolves around a delusional man who believes he's a cowboy, and the relationship that he starts with a young woman. He then starred with Jessica Biel in mystery and romantic thriller "The Illusionist" (2006) about a magician who uses his abilities to secure the love of a woman far above his social standing. Next was a more romantic and dramatic role in "The Painted Veil" (2006) about a British medical doctor who fights a cholera outbreak in a small Chinese village, while also being trapped at home in a loveless marriage to an unfaithful wife.

Slated for 2008 is the starring role in "The Incredible Hulk" with Liv Tyler (2008), with Norton playing Bruce Banner in this film adaptation of the television series. Next up is "Motherless Brooklyn" (2008) a crime drama about Lionel Essrog, a detective with Tourette's Syndrome. When his mentor is murdered, he must go and find the killer. Next is the big-budget, big star crime drama "Pride And Glory" (2009) with Colin Farrell, a saga centered on a multi-generational family of New York City Police officers. Finishing the year will be "Leaves Of Grass" (2009) a Tim Blake Nelson comedy.


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