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Real Name: Kevin Federline
Place of Birth: 


Born in the Fresno district, Kevin Federline realized he needed more than the small country town. He packed his luggage with personal belongings and headed to the musical center of the world - Los Angeles California, and decided to give it a go at the music entertainment industry. 

From time to time, the musician got small jobs as a back track vocalist and dancer, then had two children with "Moesha" star Shar Jackson. The relationship with Shar fizzled out, and prior to his second child's birth, was romantically involved with pop music star Britney Spears. Lampooned for being a poor father figure, he didn't let the paparazzi and tabloid newspapers bring him down. Kevin and Britney Spears were married, and have two children together.

His first CD, released in the spring of 2005, was broadly rejected.  But he is still trying to become a success in the entertainment and music business, despite the setback of his poor vocal talents. Over the next few years, he tried his hand at just about any money making venture he could get a hold of. 

He appeared in an insurance company television commercial during the 2007 Super Bowl game, and other business endeavors consist of developing his own branded internet search engine, "Search With Kevin". The venue has since failed. 

Kevin has recently started to become more involved with his children born by Shar, and seems to be trying to grow into his role of "father". Despite tabloid reports and bad press, he did actually have a job at one point, working as a dance instructor at a local dance studio. 

During November 2006, Britney Spears filed for divorce from the singer and in March 2007, their divorce was finalized - they have agreed to joint-custody of their children.

However, during 2007 & 2008, Britney suffered a terrible setback when diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder. This condition debilitated Spears, and accounts for much of the bizarre and outlandish behavior reported by the media. Her family has drawn near and has created a legal "conservatership", which gives the family the ability to manage her daily life while she heals. During this ordeal, state and federal courts have vied back and forth as to custody and visitation rights of the couples children and assets.

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