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Real Name: Kevin David Sorbo
Birthday: September 24, 1958
Place of Birth: Mound, Minnesota, USA.
Education: Mound West High School. Moorhead State College and University of Minnesota.


Biography and Filmography:

Best known for his roles as the gorgeous, rough guy action heroes on television, the 6' 3", long legged Kevin Sorbo’s most identifiable role indisputably was his starring role as the lead of “Hercules: the Legendary Journeys.” The actor, with the muscular young build, had the last laugh on critics when, after "Hercules" wrapped, he went on to star as the hero on yet another successful television series, "Andromeda."

Born in Mound, Minnesota on Sept. 28, 1958, Sorbo attended Moorhead State University. Swiftly finding himself the center of attention, thanks to his physical dexterity and good looks, he quickly accepted the part of celebrity campus stud. An admitted jock, he acknowledged to having spent most of his college years lifting weights, playing basketball and sending many hours going back and forth to the bars.” 

Despite his scholastic weakness, the future television star’s future seemed soundly fixed by his mid twenties. By his senior year, he was already working as a print and television commercial model. Though he secretly wanted to study acting, he later admitted that he feared ridicule from his friends and chose marketing as his college major instead. The love of performing proved too powerful to disregard, prompting him to leave school in the late 1970’s to seek his acting dream by joining a theatre group in Dallas, before heading to Europe.

Over the next ten years, he found work in television commercials and print ads, quickly becoming a identifiable product on Madison Avenue, with advertising spots for Budweiser, BMW, Diet Coke, Jim Beam, Lexus and many other products. Not satisfied with being just another pretty face, he began studying acting in Los Angeles, auditioning only for roles that he felt would challenge him. His hard work paid off.

In 1992, Kevin landed his first major role, the lead in a nationally televised public service announcement, for of all things, heterosexual HIV awareness. Taking what could have been a horribly silly monologue on the joys of monogamy, he delivered his lines and then some. Adding into his performance moments of surprising sympathy, the 30-second spot struck a robust chord with viewers, particularly among single females. The PSA became a hit overnight and was credited with helping bring heterosexual awareness of the AIDS disease. 

The actor next moved on to series television. He was hired for a key role in the 1992 NBC television movie "Condition Critical," as part of a team trying to find the cure for a deadly disease. The next year, he began to accept guest starring and cameo roles in television episodes, including "Murder, She Wrote" and "The Commish." Also in 1993, he lost the role of Superman in "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" to Dean Cain after nine auditions. 

In 1994, producer and director Sam Raimi got the green light to develop a syndicated action adventure series for television based on the mythological Greek god "Hercules", to be filmed in New Zealand. Taking a unfalteringly straight forward approach on the mythology, Raimi looked for an actor who could convey heroic honesty with a balance of humorous self-awareness. Of the hundreds of actors who auditioned for the part, Raimi credited Sorbo as the only one who naturally and instantaneously understood the role. 

His seriousness paid off. “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” (1994-2000) ran for six years and gave spun off five television movies. Regularly landing at the top of the ratings, “Hercules” became one of the highest rated syndicated TV shows in the history of television, and remained a smash hit in reruns and syndication. The shows ratings were so huge that it produced a mammoth successful spin-off called “Xena: Warrior Princess,” which not only outlived the original series, but surpassed it in the public arena.

Following the cancellation of “Hercules” in 2000, the actor cut his hair and announced his next project,  the science fiction blockbuster, “Andromeda” (2000-05). Based on a development concept by the late, legendary “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry, “Andromeda” was the story of a sophisticated Starship captain and its crew. Cast in the role of Captain Dylan Hunt, Kevin once again played another classic hero. Far more serious than “Hercules,” the realism of space and great scripting of “Andromeda” contributed to making Captain Hunt a more current and serious character. 

Next was the action thriller sequel "Walking Tall: Lone Justice" (2007) about a man who after cleaning up his hometown retires as county sheriff and heads to Dallas where he hopes to start a new life with an FBI Agent and her twelve-year old daughter.

In 2008, he appeared in a number of projects starting with the adventure "Fire From Below" (2008) where digging at a nearby cave, a careless entrepreneur discovers a vein of pure Lithium and inadvertently brings it to the surface. Next was the summer horror film "Never Cry Werewolf" (2008) about 16-year-old Loren and her family, who greet a new neighbor – a good-looking single guy and his dog – but she senses something mysterious and dangerous about him. 

He was then hired and cast in the action thriller "Bitch Slap" (2009) starring Lucy Lawless. His latest film is the thriller "Sleeping With The Lion" (2009), where greediness and immorality rear its ugly head when a group of unlikely individuals become stranded in one of the worst snow storms of the century.


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