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A unique blend of real life and imagination, the "Naked Brothers Band" are the invention of the Wolff brothers, Nat and Alex, who created a band when they were only in preschool. Their mother, writer and director Polly Draper, turned their adventures into the 2005 film "The Naked Brothers Band", which in turn inspired the 2007 Nickelodeon television series of the same name. 

Nat Wolff, who was still just eleven years old when the series started on Nickelodeon, is the groups singer and songwriter; Alex Wolff, who was eight at the time, is the drummer and percussion talent. 

In the television series, keyboard player David Levi, guitarist Qaasim Middleton, and bass player Rosalina complete the groups lineup, while Cooper Pilot is the manager. 

The movie featured a slightly different group of children, with the Wolff brothers and Levi teamed by Joshua Kaye and Thomas Batuello. In both versions of the show, songs like "Crazy Car" and "If That's Not Love" showcased the young kids' skill for this generation of the bubblegum pop rock sound. The series earned Nickelodeon its top ratings in ten years.

Nat Wolff: 

The unofficial leader of the band, Nat is stuck with the job of keeping everyone in line (not an easy job when your younger brothers is radical drummer Alex Wolff!). As lead singer and songwriter, Nat attracts more than just musical compliments. Known as “The Girl Magnet”, he is always flooded by female fans. But regardless of his fame sexy young celebrity status, Nat has managed to remain even-tempered and down to earth, and even a little shy. Even though young girls flock to him, he only has eyes for one. Although he is relentlessly trying to hide his feelings for her, everybody knows. But she doesn’t seem to object.


Alex Wolff:

Alex is the bands drummer and neighborhood “bad boy”. A supporter of do-rags, phony piercings and temporary tattoos, Alex is a follower of anything that involves rocking out, radical style, although he still counts on his big brother Nat to clean up his messes at times. While still very young, Alex still gets a good amount of interest from the ladies. But much like his brother, Alex is a one women man, And that women is their 21-year-old babysitter, Jesse. Regardless of the extreme age difference, Alex is determined to make love work and won’t let any person, or anything get in the way… not even the hated Timmerman Brothers.


Rosalina is the only girl in the troop, but she doesn’t seem to mind. Young, attractive, stylish, and charismatic, Rosalina can take on any crisis. As for ability, she’s got loads. Able to play eight different instruments, Rosalina is a vital, irreplaceable element of the band. All in all, she’s a young girl that rocks. And people see it, especially a certain lead singer and songwriter…



Don’t let the glasses fool you; David is a rock star at heart. He’s been playing keyboards since kindergarten and has become a vital part of the band. Although he looks innocent, he has caused his share of difficulty. When he partners with young Qassim and Thomas, look out!  They adore their high jinks and no one is safe from them.


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