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Real Name: Nicolas Kent Stahl
Birthday: 12/07/1979
Place of Birth: Cameron County, Texas
Education: Teen/Children's Theater, Dallas, Texas


Biography And Filmography:

This amiable actor started as a child performer and successfully worked his teenage years to develop into a tempting young adult lead and artist. Texas born Nick Stahl started performing on his local soil of Dallas and found projects in local television commercials and on stage. Noticed by a talent agent, he soon made his acting debut as Robert Urich's son in the CBS television adventure "Stranger at My Door" (1991), and went on to "Woman with a Past" (1992) before landing his first film role when Mel Gibson cast him as a young boy who agrees to be tutored by a solitary, damaged instructor in "The Man Without a Face" (1993). 

For much of his young teen years, he switched between features and television, and did well at playing the typical at risk teen. He played a child who was the victim of abuse in both "Incident in a Small Town" (1994) and then "Blue River" (1995).

T movie "Tall Tale: The Adventures of Pecos Bill" (1995) gave him the chance to play a  the hero, an idealist who gets to network with illustrious figures of myth and legend. 

Next was the drama "Safe Passage" (1995) with Susan Sarandon, about a mother with seven sons who is losing control of her family. In "Eye of God" (1997), the actor was cast as a young man who watches a killing. Next was the role of an ill-mannered teenager who is sure something is wrong with his friends in the adventure "Disturbing Behavior" (1998) starring alongside Katie Holmes.

He went on to appear in the cast of "The Thin Red Line" (1998) starring with super stars Adrien Brody, George Clooney and John Travolta, and then played a musician in "Sunset Strip" (2000), a comedy that takes place during 24 hours on Sunset Strip in 1972. Next was the romantic drama "All Forgotten" (2000) with Kirsten Dunst, about a boy who falls in love with a dreadful girl who flirts with and tricks her boyfriends during the1800's.

2001 proved to be a terrific year for the actor, who had roles in "The Sleepy Time Gal", where he played the son of a dying writer (Jacqueline Bisset), then "In the Bedroom" cast him as the murdered son of a New England couple. He was then hired and cast as an abusive friend and sexual predator in "Bully" starring Brad Renfro, in what would be one of the last films of Renfro before his death. 

The actor next appeared in "Taboo" (2002), where six young adults struggle with their personal demons while staying at a secluded mansion during a dark and stormy night where a seemingly innocent game of 'taboo' brings out their inter-most secrets which soon leads to murder. The following year, Stahl joined Arnold Schwarzenegger for the much anticipated smash hit "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines," taking the role of the now mature John Connor.

Nick ended the year with the comedy thriller "Bookies" (2003) with Lukas Haas, a story that centered on four college friends who become small-time bookies, only to find their world out of control when their greed attracts the attention of the mob. He then starred in the wacky HBO series "Carnivale" (2003- ), a depression era flick that cast him as Ben Hawkins, a radical with ability to heal others who takes sanctuary among a traveling circus with evil plans for him.

Nick finished up the year with the dramatic comedy "The Night of the White Pants" (2006) about the patriarch of a distinguished but crumbling Dallas family who is forced to hit the town with his daughter's punk rock boyfriend.

The actor had only one film during 2007, the comedy crime thriller "How To Rob A Bank" (2007), the story of being caught in the middle of a bank robbery, where a slacker and a bank employee become the ones who arbitrate the standoff negotiations. The following year, he was cast and hired for the thriller "Quid Pro Quo" (2008), a strange story about a semi-paralyzed radio reporter is sent out to investigate a story that leads him into an odd subculture and on a journey of disturbing self-realization. 

Staying with the dramatic theme, Nick appeared in "Sleepwalking" (2008) with Charlize Theron, a drama that follows an 11-year-old girl's struggle to come to terms with her mother's abandonment. He was then cast in Evan Oppenheimer's thriller "The Speed of Thought" (2008) about a telepath who has been raised in a NSA foster home and helps the government by using his abilities. Continuing to crank out the film that year, he next starred in the prison drama "In Northwood" before being cast in the lead role of "Kalamity" (2009), where a breakup, his character Billy, returns to his hometown to find something is not quite right with his best friend.

The now famous celebrity wrapped his year in the comedy "My One And Only" (2009), with Kevin Bacon and Renee Zellweger, a 1950s-set comedy where the glamorous Anne Deveraux embarks on a drive down the Eastern Seaboard in a unrealistic search for a wealthy man to fund a new life for her and her sons.  


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