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Real Name: Peter Löwenbräu Griffin
Birthday: January 3, 1956
Place of Birth: Quahoq, Rhode Island
Education: None


Peter Griffin is one of the funniest, and probably the most important man in Quahoq. He is a nice, funny character, who is not afraid of spreading the word of his mind into the world in an attempt to change everybody's world. 

Peter is the man of the house, although only by default. He is married to Lois, the woman he fell instantly in love with when he first saw her at her Aunt's summer house where he was working as a towel boy.

He is the father of Meg, Chris, Stewie, and (through sperm donation) Bertram. His friends include his talking dog Brian Griffin, African American deli owner Cleveland Brown, sex-obsessed airline pilot Glenn Quagmire and paraplegic police officer Joe Swanson.

Peter Griffin is employed at the Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory in Quahog by Mr. Weed. His favorite past-times are drinking beer with his friends at the Drunken Clam, and watching television. Peter has also worked at the Pawtucket Patriot Brewery as an office worker and "that guy who fishes out the dead rats"

Peter is generally too lazy to go to work, and instead would like to become a Prime Minister, or own his own country. He is always trying to find new ways for his son Chris to lose weight. 


He advises his daughter Meg to socialize with people in school and find new friends. He is kind and gentle with the evil Stewie, who calls him a fat man. He is a good friend of Brian, his talking dog who always advises Peter when he needs help and gets help from Peter when he has problems. 

Peter was in love with his wife Lois, when they first saw each other. He never expected to be married to a girl from a rich family, but Lois was kind enough to give him a chance and marry him but then she had to give a lot more chances because of his stupid mistakes.

Peter Griffin is a nasty and dirty man, He is the nastiest person alive in Quahoq. He likes to hangout with his friends and drink beer at the Drunken Clam. His friends have been with Peter most of his childhood, and even before that when Peter's grandparents and his friend's grandparents were alive. In 2008,  Peter discovered that his 14th grand parent was a Black Man, so he joined the Black community, but his idea of Blackism didn't work, and he soon got kicked out. 

Peter Griffin has participated in many activities with his pals through out the years. He parties with them, joins the Army with them, fights them, and tricks them. 

He is very happy and gentle with Cleveland, his black friend, who asks Peter for help when he suspects his wife is cheating with Quagmire, the Quahoq pimp, and asks Peter to make him a man. 

Quagmire, the lady's man in Quahoq is always hitting on woman, even Peter's wife Lois. He is not afraid of reaching out to woman, and is always first to help a woman in danger. 

Joe, Peter's handicapped friend, who is still in the Army, is always trying to protect the city but is challenged with Peter sometimes when he does stupid things. Joe has an Army type of personality and is strict with his rules.

Peter has many more friends in Quahoq, and they all have the same view about Peter. Peter's family has been overweight for 14 generations with the same kind of hair style and looks. Chris, his son, has been tasked with keeping this generation from being overweight.

Almost every bit of suffering and pain by the Griffins is because of Peter. He is happy on his couch watching his favorite show or the news on his stolen cable with Brian. He always tries to learn new ways of making money without working and also tries many scams which he regrets. 


In 2008, Peter Griffin entered into negations to take a leading role in the upcoming release of "Iron Tulips: Friendship under the covered bridges". He also has plans to work with Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, and Justin Timberlake on various projects that he is not privileged to talk about at this time.

Stay tuned, we have not seen the last of Peter Griffin and his star just may be starting to rise in Hollywood!


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