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Real Name: Vincent Anthony Vaughn, Vincent Vaughn
Birthday: 03/28/1970
Place of Birth: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Education: Lake Forest High School, Lake Forest, Illinois, 1988


Vince Vaughn Biography And Filmography:

Vince Vaughn made his first Hollywood smash hit playing an egotistical role in the independent film "Swingers" (1996) The actor next worked in a few bad movies and several strange misfires, “Psycho” (1998)  for starters, before his acting style found a niche in more conventional comedies like “Old School” (2003), “Dodgeball” (2004) and the $225 million box office smash hit, “Wedding Crashers” (2005). 

Vince was born on March 28, 1970, and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. His father was a sales rep and his mother was a financial consultant.  The family values were very much about Midwestern honest work instead of money and fame. His environment made him feel unwelcome in their trendy locality, and with talent in schoolwork and sports, he learned that his sense of humor was the easiest way to get attention. 

He began acting in local children’s theater from the age of ten, performing in school productions throughout junior high and high school. He also refined his smart ass, funny humor as the host of school talent shows. As president of his senior class at Lake Forest High School, his grades almost stopped him from graduating.

After going with a friend to an audition for a trade film, he wound up coming back home with the role himself. Not long after that, he enlisted in classes at the legendary Improv Olympic and found an agent, manager and acting coach. He landed a number of small television jobs, including a Chevy truck commercial, and then relocated to Los Angeles. His biggest dream was that he could make a decent living acting in commercials or small roles on television shows, never considering he would become a movie star.

In Los Angeles, he started taking acting lessons, and in 1989 made his television acting debut on "China Beach",  and over the next couple of years had noteworthy roles in "Schoolbreak Specials" and guest appearances on "21 Jump Street" (1987) with Johnny Depp, and "Doogie Howser, M.D." (1989). When  not acting, he put his charming gift at speaking to use as a telephone marketer.

Before the success of “Swingers” (1996) with Heather Graham, the actor was hired by Steven Spielberg to appear as the lead in "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" (1997). The film was a box office hit, and the young actor was on his way to becoming a super star and Hollywood celebrity. 

The friendly sense of humor and composure that had made him so charming in “Swingers”, was not seen in his next few roles as the actor tried to be selective with his movie and film offers - while still pulling in the big multi-million dollar paychecks. After working with Kate Capshaw in the romantic drama "The Locusts" (1997) he was somewhat meek as a tormented, guilt ridden wild man in "Return to Paradise" (1998). 

He turned on his magic to star as a con man truck driver in "Clay Pigeons" (1998) before starring in "Psycho" (1998). The frame by frame remake left most audiences looking for the exits. While Perkins had played an asexual subdued role, Vaughn went for downright insanity and the gap was shocking. The actor offered a better role as an unexpectedly single father dealing with career and family difficulties in "A Cool, Dry Place" (1999).

He went on to to star in the role of an FBI agent who gains the help of a psychiatrist (Jennifer Lopez) to find the body of a killer in "The Cell" (2000). His role as the foster brother in legal trouble in "South of Heaven, West of Hell" (2000) with Billy Bob Thornton was weak and not seen by many. But he gave a great performance in the film "The Prime Gig" (2000), playing a smooth telephone marketer who has the bad luck of being employed by the wrong businesses. His natural appeal played well with the dialog, and was on of his best performances to date.

His performance in a short film aired during the 2003 MTV Movie Awards as Hollywood Frank Fanning, in which he coached Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz on the correct way to best show their butt on camera, was a comedic gold mine. He then astonished viewers with his clever role guest hosting CBS's "The Late Show" in 2003 when David Letterman fell ill with shingles. The following year, he jumped back to making  movies with his role as crime boss Reese Feldman in the 1970s police lampoon "Starsky & Hutch" (2004) with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.

In 2004, Vince took the lead in "Dodgeball" (2004), as the owner of the "Average Joe" fitness center who pairs a group of misfits against Ben Stiller's brutal professionals in a high tech game. He followed "Dodgeball" with a key role as Will Ferrell’s competitor in "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" (2004). Then he played the spineless jive talking, pimp acting music manager Raji in "Be Cool" (2005), the sequel to "Get Shorty" in which he improvised many of his lines.

After a small role in the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie spy thriller action blockbuster "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" (2005), where he played infantile partner, he teamed with Owen Wilson for the smash hit blockbuster "Wedding Crashers" (2005), Vince and Wilson co-starred as a team of charming young bachelors who pick up lonely, defenseless women by crashing strangers' weddings. 

In the fall of 2005 he launched “Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show,” a production featuring improvisation, sketch comedy, and stand-up routines. The tour was followed by a film crew and scheduled to be released as a documentary in early 2009.

During 2006, he took on his initial producing project with the comedy “The Break-up” (2006), co-starring himself and Jennifer Aniston as a divorcing couple under pressure to live together. Critics, by and large loathed the movie, calling it a poor remake of “The War of the Roses,” but it was mammoth at the box office, thanks in part to gossip of a relationship between the two stars. It was during the film’s Chicago editing that Jennifer Aniston was being hounded by the press, due to her breakup with actor Brad Pitt and his obvious connection with his “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” co-star, Angelina Jolie. 

In 2007, Vaughn graced the screen in two very different type of films, the fascinating revision of Jon Krakauer’s “Into the Wild” and the holiday flick “Fred Claus” about a man named Fred Claus, Santa's bitter older brother, who is forced to move to the North Pole. Next was the holiday comedy "Four Christmases" (2008) with Reese Witherspoon, about a couple that struggle to visit all four of their divorced parents on Christmas Day. Finally that year was the comedy "The H-Man Cometh" (2009) about a sarcastic radio call-in show host who starts taking on the qualities of his neurotic patrons.


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