Poll: ABORTION 05/99
Should abortion be illegal?
In some cases25.94%
If under 18 should parents be notified?
Yes 71.67%
Should abortion be covered by insurance?
Yes 23.89%
Some should:44.37%
Have you heard of Planned Parenthood?
Yes 96.59%
No 2.73%
Should rape warrent the dealth penalty
Yes 33.79%
No 29.69%
Maybe 36.18%
Are the number of abortions ...?
On the increase 66.89%
On the decrease 29.01%
Should techniques be standardized?
Yes 52.56%
No 10.58%
Don't know 34.13%
Do you know someone who has had an abortion?
Yes 68.26%
No 25.26%
No comment 5.46%
Is adoption better than abortion?
Yes 53.24%
No 4.78%
Sometimes 41.98%
Should partial birth abortions be made illegal?
Yes 49.49%
No 44.37%