Poll: F.D.A.  
Is the F.D.A. too slow in approving new drugs?
Yes 48.55%
No 7.25%
Sometimes 44.20%
Do you read product labels before you buy food?
Yes 55.80%
No 7.25%
Sometimes 36.96%
Is enough money being spent on H.I.V. research?
Yes 34.78%
No 39.13%
Don't know 26.09%
Is the F.D.A. too cautious with new drugs?
Yes 52.17%
No 46.38%
Should herbs be regulated?
Yes 35.51%
No 62.32%
Should cigarettes be regulated?
Yes 55.80%
No 43.48%
Should some drugs be legalized?
Yes 58.70%
No 41.30%