Do you own a firearm?
Yes 42.51%
No 51.01%
At least one6.48%
Do you use a firearm to hunt?
Yes 29.96%
No 68.83%
Do you use a firearm for protection?
Yes 41.70%
No 56.28%
Should concealed weapons be legal?
Yes 31.98%
No 30.36%
Mostly 6.07%
In some cases 31.58%
Has the purchase waiting period helped lower crime ?
Yes 16.19%
No 50.20%
Maybe 32.39%
What's that ?1.21%
If outlawed - will criminals still obtain weapons?
Yes 81.78%
No 1.62%
Not as many 14.57%
No difference1.21%
Is eighteen years old mature enough to own a gun?
Yes 37.65%
No 53.85%
Don't know 7.69%
Should gun stores be allowed to sell assault weapons?
Yes 20.24%
No 64.78%
Some should 14.17%
Should assault weapons be illegal?
Yes 65.99%
No 33.20%
Would you keep a firearm in your house?
Yes 61.54%
No 23.48%
Maybe 14.17%
Should guns be sold at stores like K-mart?
Yes 31.17%
No 34.01%
Gun stores only 34.82%
Has someone you know ever been injured by a firearm?
Yes 50.20%
No 49.80%