What are custom fabric transfers and Pocket Logos ?

Transfers are graphic designs customized with text that you select, then transferred to a special material that allows you to iron it onto fabric. They can be ironed onto T-shirts, mouse pads, baseball caps, golf bags, backpacks, shorts, guitar cases, pants, luggage, ties, uniforms, just about anything !! Our pocket logos are hi resolution graphics designed to fit nicely above a shirt pocket or sleeve.

Customize them with your e-mail address, favorite web site, your name, company name, team name, troop name, customers name, thought of the day, political statement - anything !! Great for gifts, sports teams, t-shirts, web site advertising, and company awards.

Check out our catalog and see if there is anything you like. If you have any questions or special requests, drop us an E-MAIL at general@kcweb.com.
Want to see a couple of examples ?