BlueBit Testnet Launch, 50,000 $BBT + 200 $Aurora Giveaway

BlueBit is a decentralized yield aggregator protocol built on NEAR’s Aurora EVM that offers a full set of farming solutions. The BlueBit Protocol is dedicated to providing DeFi users with various of risk tolerances with more secure, more assessible and more efficient farming experiences.

Event Duration: March 21st UTC 5:00am — March 31st UTC 5:00am

1.Airdrop Pool: 50,000 $BBT


  • Complete all tasks on the Gleam form
  • Use the BlueBit testnet and perform the “Claim” and “Lock” function with the submitted wallet address
  • Winners who met the above requirements during the event duration will split the $50,000 BBT prize pool!
  • Tutorial: Please refer to the detailed guide to the BlueBit testnet

2.Bug Bounty: 200 $Aurora


  • During the event period, detect a product bug and report it with constructive feedback in BlueBit discord channel #bug-report
  • If adopted by the team, you will get 3 $Aurora for the report
  • If multiple similar bugs are reported, the first feedback will be adopted
  • Reward for each adopted bug report is 3 $Aurora, up to 66 reports
  • You can win both airdrop pool and bug bounty

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