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Herbal Information Center Affiliate Program
The Herbal Information Center Affiliate program is designed to reward Webmasters for placing our link on your Web site. Site owners will receive 10% commission on all sales generated as a result of someone clicking on your link.
How does it work?
When you complete the form below you are issued a special linking URL to place on your site. You may use any combination of text links, banner links, email links, or newsletter links.

Your custom URL will link to our home page and track the users session from the time they enter. If they visit our general store and make a purchase you receive 10% of the sale as commission.

What do I get?

  • You get a custom linking URL
  • You get the use of any of our banners
  • You get monthly click reports showing how many people clicked your link.
  • You get a monthly sales report showing total sales for the month
  • You get a check for 10% of the total sales!
  • You get an easy to setup, passive revenue stream by placing our link on your site.
  • You get to share a great Herbal and Natural Health site with your visitors packed with relevant information about an industry that is doubling every 6 months.
Do I have to have a Health related Web site to participate?
NO! Herbs and Natural products appeal to everybody so you don't necessarily need a health related site for our link to be effective.


Do I need a minimum traffic levels to be considered as an affiliate?
NO! Our affiliate program is available to anyone that has a web site - large or small. However, we will only generate checks for those affiliates earning $10 or more in a single month.


Do I have to do any of the shipping or customer support?
NO! We do everything. If your visitor visits our secure General Store and makes a purchase we handle all the billing, shipping, invoicing, and support. You don't have to do anything except place your special link.


Can I place your link on more than one page?
Yes! You may place your special URL on as many pages as you wish. In fact, the more links you have the better chance your visitor will visit our site. We don't care how many banners, text links, email links you use.


What if I have questions or trouble placing my special link code?
No problem! Just email us at webmaster@kcweb.com and we will help you get started.


What banners can I use to link my code to?
You can use any of the banners located on our banner page. Check back often as we will update this area with new banners as they are developed.


When do I get paid?
We process all affiliate reports and issue checks once a month. Typically you will receive your information within 10 days of the last day of the month.


I want to join! How do I sign-up for your affiliate program?
Simple! Just complete the following form and we will send your link code and easy to follow instructions!

Affiliate Sign-up Form
First Name:

Last Name:

Your Website Name:

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State: Zip/Postal Code:

Your Web Site URL:

Phone Number:

* Email :

* Your email address is required. In order for us to communicate with you and issue monthly reports we must have a valid email address for you. Submissions without an email address can not be processed.

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