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Bee Pollen contains the male gametes of plants found as small dust pellets in the stamen of flowers. It is gathered from pollen gathering bees with a device placed at the entrance of the hive designed to collect the material from their legs.

It has been called nature's perfect food, and is rich in vitamins. It contains almost all known minerals, trace elements, enzymes and amino acids. It is a combination of the material of every plant that bees collect pollen from, along with digestive enzymes.

It is a fashionable nutritional supplement that builds the immune system and provides energy for the entire body. It contains 35% protein, 55% carbohydrate, 2% fatty acids and 3% minerals and vitamins. It is high in B-complex and vitamins A, C, D, and E. It also contains lecithin, beta-carotene, selenium.

This combination of elements make it an excellent source of anti-oxidants. Clinical tests have shown that it has an immunizing effect, enhances vitality, and can counteract the effects of radiation and chemical toxins.

Used as an immune system builder, it is believed to have the ability to correct body chemistry and treat unhealthy conditions. It is thought to have the ability to remove poisons and toxic materials from the body. 

Bee pollen is rapidly absorbed into the blood stream and stimulates immunological responses, and has been shown to be helpful for nausea, sleep disorders, and urinary and rectal disorders following radiation treatment.

Athletes often use this supplement to help increase their strength, endurance, energy and speed. It aids the body in recovering from exercise, returning breathing and heart rate to normal, and improves endurance for repeated exercise sessions. It can also provide energy, stamina and strength, as well as improve mental and physical reactions.

It can relieve brain fatigue and improve alertness, increasing your ability for intense concentration, and enable longer periods of work without becoming tired. 

Many people with allergies have found relief by taking the supplement. It reduces the production of histamine which can cause allergic responses such as hay fever and pet allergies. Bee Pollen can strengthen the respiratory system and provide protein that helps the body build a natural defense against allergic responses.

It has an effect on blood pressure and sexual function as well. Individuals who suffer from low blood pressure can be subject to deficiencies in the sex glands. The supplement increases blood pressure when taken with kelp, and may increase hormone levels and sexual stamina.

Weight loss also may occur as lecithin increases the rate at which calories are burned and stabilizes poor body metabolism. It aids in the digestive process and the absorption of nutrients. It may also relieve anemia, cerebral hemorrhage, colitis and constipation.

How Used: Gelatin caps, tablets and granules

Common Use: A natural food used as an energy booster, strengthens the immune system and enhances vitality.


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