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What is Coenzyme Q10?

It is the cofactor of an enzyme. Enzymes are the protein substances that are found in all living things; they are needed for tissue and cell building and repairing. It is an antioxidant that is the essential component of cellular energy. It's highest concentrations are found in the heart and liver, and is synthesized in the body.


In normal aging, the body loses the ability to make adequate amounts of the enzyme. Levels can decline by as much as 80% as you age. It is thought that the decreased levels of brought on by aging may lead to age-related discomforts.

Your heart:

The heart needs a constant supply of energy for it's pumping and contracting. Because the richest concentrations of Co-Q10 are in the heart, preventing a deficiency by supplying the body with sufficient amounts may promote healthy activity and nourish the circulatory system. As many as 75% of heart patients are found to be deficient.

The effects of Deficiency:

Along with aging, other factors may deplete the body affecting its ability to make adequate amounts and increasing the risk of a deficiency. Some factors are poor eating habits and diet, stress, and infections. A deficiency may also have a direct impact on many other body functions as well. Because high concentrations are also stored in the liver, maintaining and adequate supply and preventing a deficiency may ensure that it is properly nourished and performing at its peak.

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