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Free Radicals and Their Damage

The following is an excerpt of a speech Dr. Lamar Rosquist gave on Pycnogenols in an open forum.

Did you know there are 60 chronic degenerative diseases science knows of that are caused by free radicals? You ingest about a billion free radicals every time you take a breath of air.

These free radicals attack the cells in your body that have the RNA or DNA with the blueprint of how to make another cell; like the one they're going to replace. The RNA and DNA in the body are different for every cell. You have a different RNA and DNA to produce a lip, a different one to produce an eye, a different one to produce no hair, a different one for the prostate gland, a different one for the breast, a different one for the pancreas, a different one for the liver, etc.

Those cells are being replaced anywhere from two to four times a year, so the longest cell in your body lasts 180 days. That's a blood cell, a red blood cell. The others are replaced more frequently, and they're being replaced randomly. These free radicals have to attack something, so they slap themselves onto the cells as they get into the body.

What do free radicals do outside the body? Do you know? They cause steel to rust, paint to oxidize, and rubber to turn hard. They cause hoses to crack and squirt water everywhere. They wear out your windshield wiper blades. They cause your nice wood shingles to turn from honey colored to gray in one year. They cause your cement to break down and become porous and just wreak havoc with everything outside the body.

Now do you think you can breathe that 16 to 20 times a minute, 60 minutes per hour, 24 hours a day, and have no damage from those free radicals inside your body? Not on your life.

There is a book written by Dr. Robert J. Willix, Jr. He's discovered that free radicals are the cause of these factors, so if you change what free radicals are doing to the heart and the rest of the body, you can stop the strokes. He said free radicals cause three main health problems.

Think about them: arthritis, heart trouble and strokes, and cancers. They're all caused by free radicals. The only problem that's bad is this: Why are science and the medical profession going to wait ten years before they tell the public that the cause of the problems that you're dealing with are free radicals?

You get free radicals from chlorinated water. You get them from apple orchards when they spray the trees so the worms won't get them. What is Dr. Willix's approach to everything? Antioxidants.

Pycnogenol is an antioxidant. It counteracts the effect these free radicals are having on the body. If you take enough of it, you can change and ameliorate 60 conditions that free radicals are causing.


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