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Homeopathic Joint Formula - Relieves Pain and Inflammation

Get natural support for aging joints. This remarkable homeopathic herbal formula stimulates the body to support healthy joints. Homeopathic Joint Formula also helps to relieve aches and improving flexibility and mobility so you can enjoy a healthier and more active life.

Our joint formulation gently supports the body’s repairing and blood cleansing processes - important in eliminating acid deposits which settle in joints and cause painful and often disabling joint inflammation.

Formula includes: Rhus Toxicodendron (Rhus-t), Benzoic acid (Carboxybenzene), Bryonia Alba (Bry), Ruta Graveolens (Ruta), Causticum (Caust), and Formic acid.

Homeopathy is a 200-year-old form of natural medicine widely practiced in the United States, Europe and Asia. It's based on the scientific principle of "like cures like" - just like a vaccination. For example, when you suffer from allergies, a specific homeopathic formula targets the allergic response. This builds up your body's natural immune system and returns it to a healthy state.

Our formulas are made from all-natural ingredients that help your body heal itself. Each remedy is safe and effective. Product components are officially monographed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States.

90 tablets Joint Formula   - $12.99

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180 tablets Joint Formula -  $24.99

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Breathe-EZ - Relief for Sinus Problems

Breath-Ez helps your sinuses in 10 healthy ways by providing a stronger, more synergistic formula that maximizes total respiratory health!

Relaxes air passages for clear breathing.
Promotes unobstructed breathing.
Great for cold weather or seasonal irritants.
Revitalizes and nourishes lung tissues to support better lung function.
Boosts white blood cell production to strengthen immunity and respiratory health

Here’s what makes Breath-Ez so remarkable! Three powerful capsules provide a 1060 mg. Proprietary Herbal Blend of:

  • Magnesium 50 mg. - 126% of Daily Value! Supports calmer, clearer airways, protects nasal sinuses and helps your body achieve better lung function.
  • Andrographis Leaf Extract 60 mg.- Encourages healthy sinuses, nose, and sore scratchy throat. Boosts immunity and upper respiratory health.
  • Bromelain 500 mg. - From pineapple stems! Turns down the heat in sinuses, and nasal membranes, so you’re more comfortable
  • Echinacea 50 mg. - America’s #1 herb for colds! Supports your respiratory system by boosting white blood cell production and purifying the blood.
  • Goldenseal 50 mg. - Shores up the body's natural defense of white blood cells to strengthen your respiratory system.
  • Licorice Root 50 mg. - Supports overall health
  • Quercetin 300 mg. - Great for cold weather and seasonal irritants

90 capsules Breath EZ - $29.99

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180 capsules Breath EZ -  $44.99

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Cayenne Plus - Get the Blood Flowing

Cayenne Plus provides nutrients needed for healthy blood, arteries, capillaries, and blood flow. These herbs provide vitamins and minerals that help keep your circulatory system healthy, so you feel great year-round.

Your circulatory system and metabolism will be enhanced with cayenne's heat-producing action! It helps your circulation system, enhancing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to keep your body healthy and working properly.


Look at what Cayenne Plus can do!

  • Contains trace amounts of naturally occurring antioxidants Vitamin E, Vitamin C, carotenoids, and minerals calcium and potassium for long life
  • Helps keep blood flowing smoothly
  • Soothes the entire digestive tract and stimulates the flow of stomach secretions and saliva to help digestion
  • Cayenne Plus is a powerful herbal aid for circulation, and can be used on a regular basis

One 500 mg. capsule of Cayenne Plus™ provides:

  • Cayenne fruit 100 mg. (supplying 40,000 Heat Units) - It's the strongest support for blood circulation throughout the body.
  • Goldenseal root 100 mg. - Its astringent action inhibits the growth of many types of unfriendly organisms.
  • Bayberry root bark 100 mg. - Tones the blood and stimulates circulation.
  • Hyssop herb 100 mg. - Popular Biblical herb with Tannin and Polysaccharide content
  • Scullcap herb 50 mg. - Flushes out toxins and stimulates the kidneys.
  • Witch Hazel leaf 50 mg. - Its astringent action is beneficial for blood vessel health.

90 capsules Cayenne Plus -  $19.99

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180 capsules Cayenne Plus $37.99

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Cholest-Ex - Arrest For High Cholesterol

Our Cholest-Ex Formula works to:

Keep your cholesterol healthy and in the normal ranges.
Support levels of "good" or "protective" cholesterol called HDL. Help maintain your triglycerides at healthy levels.
Nutritionally protect and preserve a strong heart. Keep your arteries stronger.  Help you feel vibrant and energized.

We've added four new ingredients to the formula. With these four new ingredients, New Cholest-Ex does wonders to help maintain cholesterol, triglycerides, heart, arteries, circulation and overall health!

This revolutionary formula now contains:

  • Policosanol 10 mg. First discovered in Cuba, it has been proven effective for supporting cholesterol levels already within the normal range.

  • Guggul Extract 1500 mg. - Stimulates the liver and the thyroid to metabolize cholesterol better.

  • Green Tea 150 mg. - Helps keep your cholesterol balanced and defuses free radicals that roam your body and do all sorts of damage.

  • Odor controlled Garlic 500 mg. - Based on clinical research, supplementation with garlic provides immune enhancement and cardiovascular protection.

  • Hawthorn Extract 100 mg. - Research has shown that hawthorn has remarkable power to support healthy heart function and help increase cardiac performance.

  • Turmeric Extract 100 mg. - Used in both Indian and Chinese medicine, its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are the focus of current, promising studies.

  • Grape Seed 60 mg. - A rich source of procyanidins, one of the most beneficial groups of flavonoids. Its antioxidant properties are considered to be even greater than Vitamins C and E offering you protection from free radical damage.

120 Caps Cholest-Ex - $39.99

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Hot Flash Ease™ - Take the Edge Off Menopause

Mood swings...Hot flashes...Night sweats...Sound familiar? Menopause can bring an array of disruptive, unpleasant changes that affect your mind, body and spirit. And with controversies surrounding certain therapies, more and more women are searching for a natural way to manage menopause.

Fortunately, now there's an amazing new, all-natural, safe and effective formula you can turn to. It's called Hot Flash Ease and while it lives up to its name, it actually delivers so much more. In addition to helping alleviate those unexpected, uncomfortable and embarrassing hot flashes, Hot Flash Ease also supports memory and helps to ease minor mood swings, fatigue, occasional sleeplessness, and irritability. It's safe. It's natural. It's guaranteed to work.

Two safe and effective capsules contain all these natural nutrients:

  • Soylife® Soy Germ Extract 40% Non-GMO 200 mg – Not all soy is created equal. The concentration level in Soylife is extracted to maintain an isoflavone ratio close to the whole soybean, which offers the greatest health benefits. Clinical studies consistently show that soy isoflavones like Soylife lower the incidence of hot flashes. Furthermore, soy isoflavones may also help keep arteries flexible and healthy.
  • Black cohosh 100 mg – Eases anxiety and occasional sleeplessness
  • Chasteberry 4 mg – Works to alleviate hot flashes
  • Dong quai 50 mg – Assists with menopause
  • Ginkgo biloba (leaf) 30 mg – Boosts memory and mood
  • Red clover 500 mg – Helps to lessen the rigidity of blood vessels due to declining estrogen levels

60 Caps - Hot Flash Ease - 19.99

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120 Caps - Hot Flash Ease - $34.99

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Ginkgo Plus 4™ - Feel as good as you felt 20 years ago!

This exclusive formula now includes Alpha Lipoic Acid to keep your immune system strong and healthy, plus more memory-boosting Ginkgo Biloba and more energizing CoQ-10. Ginkgo Plus 4 has valuable antioxidant benefits. Antioxidants are critical for your body's cellular protection system. These elements neutralize free radicals which are unstable molecules produced by air pollution, tobacco smoke, and normal body processes. Authorities believe that cellular damage may lead to the development of age related concerns. Ginkgo Plus 4 gives you the advantage your body needs for superior protection.

The combined power of Ginkgo Plus 4 is designed to maximize the power of Ginkgo, an herb known for its ability to jump start energy. The combined synergy of Cayenne, Ginger, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and CoEnzyme Q-10, with Ginkgo enhances your total health.

This powerful formula promotes circulation and "Wakes up Your Brain." Bad circulation can affect your brain, heart, arms, legs, hearing, and even your love life. The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology reported Ginkgo as providing superior support for circulation.

Numerous scientific studies in various well-respected publications prove the power of Ginkgo Plus 4 ingredients. Our superior quality Ginkgo Plus 4 contains ginkgo biloba leaf powdered extract, Standardized for 24% ginkgo flavonglycosides and 6% total terpene lactones... the highest quality available.

The exclusive formula contains:

  • Ginkgo Biloba now with 40 mg. - Ginkgo is the best herb available for nutritional support of body and mind. It supports mental alertness, vitality levels, circulation, and blood vessel health. Ginkgo opens up blood vessels to enhance delivery of blood and oxygen throughout the body.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid 250 mg. - ALA keeps your immune system strong and protects against harmful free radical damage.
  • Cayenne 100 mg - Contains antioxidant flavonoids that preserve the integrity of arterial walls. Delivers nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.
  • Ginger 100 mg - Promotes overall digestive health and calms the stomach.
  • CoEnzyme Q-10 now with 15 mg - CoQ-10 ignites cellular energy and supports a healthy heart.

60 Capsules C04PLUS-60 $19.95

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120 capsules C04PLUS-120 $37.95

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Hearty Heart - Helps Your Heart in 8 Powerful Ways!

Our best-selling Heart Health Formula:

Nourishes the heart
Helps stimulate blood flow
Sustains blood pressure & cholesterol levels that are already in the normal range
Helps promote circulation
Promotes healthier homocysteine levels

One easy-to-swallow tablet provides: Capsicum, CoEnzyme Q-10, Flaxseed, Folic Acid, Garlic, Ginkgo, Hawthorne and Vitamin E.

30 Tabs - Hearty Heart - $12.99

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Herbal Detox & Cleansing - Detox, Flush & Clean Toxins from Your Body!

Get increased energy & better digestion with our Herbal Detox and Cleansing Tabletrs. One Tablet of Our Exclusive Formula Contains:

Ginger 100 mg. - Stimulates the gastro-intestinal tract to contract and expel gas and waste efficiently.

Prickly Ash 100 mg. - Purifies the blood, tones circulation, and cleanses urinary passages with its astringent action.

Yellow Dock 100 mg. - Stimulates liver bile and clears out toxins.

Bearberry (Uva Ursi) 100 mg. - A soothing nutrient for the intestines, bladder, and other concerns of the urinary tract.

All these ingredients, plus Cascara sagrada and Psyllium work together so you feel energetic and healthy again.

60 Tabs - Herbal Detox -  $19.99

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120 Tabs - Herbal Detox - $37.99

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Lung Herbal Food Formula™ - Herbal Lung Food

Every day, almost everyone is exposed to unhealthy air. Automobile exhaust, factory pollutants and secondhand smoke all can adversely affect our lungs. Keep your lungs in shape by walking daily and supplement your diet with our Herbal Food Formula, which is nutritionally beneficial for your lungs. 

Keep lungs healthy with this formula of nine powerful herbs. Lung Herbal Food Formula supports healthy breathing, works to keep air passages clear and eases discomfort. Feed your lungs good health today.

A Proprietary Herbal Blend Containing:

  • Chickweed herb powder

  • Coltsfoot herb powder

  • Mullein leaf powder

  • Fenugreek seed powder

  • Myrrh gum resin powder

  • Nettle leaf powder

  • Yarrow flower powder

  • Alfalfa leaf powder

90 capsules - Lung Formula - $16.99

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180 capsules - Lung Formula - $29.99

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PainZAway® Formula - All Natural Pain Relief

These natural herbs are as safe and gentle as other pain relievers, without side effects. To start you on the natural path toward feeling better, we've blended these most popular herbs known for their therapeutic effects:

Feverfew: Used for centuries for headache pain & stress. Ginger: Nutritionally beneficial for the joints. Chamomile: Known for its soothing, calming properties. Cayenne: Naturally warms the body and helps increase circulation. Damiana: A tonic for the nervous system. White Willow: Known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Yucca: Contains saponins for nutritional support against inflammation. Devil's Claw: Traditionally used in Europe for aches and pain.

60 capsules C04PAIN-60 -  $12.99

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120 capsules C04PAIN-120 -  $24.99

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Prostate 9 Complex™ - Protect Your Prostate Now & For the Future

Our best-selling Prostate 9 Formula has been remarkably effective for thousands of men concerned about their health, and it can help you, too.

It's amazing that a gland about the size of a walnut (normal size) can have such a profound effect on a man's life as he ages. 

Today millions of men in their 40s, 50s, and beyond are literally having their lives controlled by their prostate!

Prostate 9 Complex:

  • Eases your urination troubles starting right away
  • Helps safeguard the prostate by promoting hormone balance
  • Promotes healthy urinary function
  • Helps you sleep uninterrupted all night long, so you feel refreshed in the morning
  • Restores your confidence
  • Works on the hormonal level to inhibit prostate problems

Prostate 9 Complex helps keep you comfortable day and night. The build-up of hormones and toxin levels can have a negative effect on the prostate and on the reproductive system.

Our Prostate 9 Complex formula naturally helps maintain healthy hormone levels while helping to safeguard the millions of prostate cells.

9 Ways to Support Your Prostate with this EXCLUSIVE and Amazing Formula:

  1. Vitamin E 100 IU. - An essential nutrient that protects cell membrane integrity and immunity, reducing cellular aging.
  2. Nettle Root 240 mg. - Balances testosterone which can affect prostate growth.
  3. Selenium 200 mcg. - Targeted antioxidant protection for prostate gland and semen.
  4. Saw Palmetto 320 mg. (220 more mg!) - It helps inhibit DHT testosterone that triggers poor prostate health.
  5. Lycopene 5 mg. Equal to 5000 mcg. (4500 more mcg!) - A potent antioxidant found in tomatoes, lycopene is highly effective in providing targeted antioxidant protection for prostate tissues.
  6. Pumpkin Seed Oil 50 mg. - A rich source of fatty acids which can enhance healthy cell development.
  7. Pygeum 50 mg. - Blocks excess hormone build-up in the prostate for proper size and comfort.
  8. Iodine 150 mcg. (from Kelp) - Provides nourishment to the prostate.
  9. Zinc 15 mg. - An essential mineral that's vital to the total reproductive system.

Shipments to U.S. only.

30 Softgels -  C05PROS-100 -  $19.99

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60 Softgels -  C05PROS-200 - $37.49

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